I thought I'd open a discussion to post all our photos of our opened Secret Santa packages to have them all in one place. This way everyone can see them without having to scroll through all the comments below. DO NOT post the photos you took before shipping your packages. Those are for claims only if your packages are lost.

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To store your cord in. electric

Oh, that's nifty...only mine has a foot pedal attached to end,haha! Seriously, though, that's great for charger cords etc., those often get tangled in a travel case.

Yes, or extension cords. There are many uses I am sure.

Thank you to my SS sister, Colleen, you really outdid yourself.  Not only did she send me so many things that I love, she wrapped everything in fabric.   What a thoughtful thing to do for another quilter.  I know things have been really difficult for Colleen these last few months, so her going the extra mile to make my box so special, really means so much to me.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas.  And thanks to everyone again for your cards and gifts.  Hopefully I will be able to repay your kindnesses in the next few months.

Oh Kathy, so good to hear from you! And look at that haul! I agree, Colleen went the extra mile. I really love that tea cup and luncheon plate set! Great for tea & sandwich or cookies.

lovely work Colleen, 

Thank you Lee Howeth! I love the Sarah Young devotional, the rulers, coasters, the wrap, can't wait to make the acorn block, and with the way my eyes are right now, love the large eye needles! Love everything! Indy is napping with his new blankie already and doesn't with to be disturbed!

Oh wow, Linda...you got one of those cute bird needle threaders! What is that with seahorse on it? Looks like a zipper pouch? You'll have to post a photo of lndy with his new quilt ( after all the excitement wears off). Were there doggie treats, or did he just guess there was something in the package for him to nap with? And that knitted item...a head/ ear band?

The seahorse is a pincushion. The knitted item is a wrap. I need to find out what kind of yard as I found it to be a little itchy. I have such sensitive skin. It's so beautiful tho! No doggie treats. I just gave Indy the blankie and he simply laid down with it and went to sleep. It has a soft fleece backing like the coats I make him.

Great variety!!

Wow! Love all the snowmen, Kathy!


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