I thought I'd open a discussion to post all our photos of our opened Secret Santa packages to have them all in one place. This way everyone can see them without having to scroll through all the comments below. DO NOT post the photos you took before shipping your packages. Those are for claims only if your packages are lost.

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Wow, Barbara! Love the shawl and table runner!

I couldn’t wait.  I spent last night opening all my goodies.  Love them all....hubby tried to “steal” the glass case.  Told him he could.  He opened it and it is a cute little sewing area with pincushion, needle spot, etc.  great for traveling.  He was not impressed, he wanted the case as it was so patriotic LOL.  I cannot wait for spring so I can use the table topper on my grandmother’s table..it is round.  Thank you, Riana, for all the goodies.  

Can’t wait to try some of the patterns, but only after PHD.  I vow to clear up the sewing room first and finish projects.

PS...the kitchen Santa and rolling pin are mine.

Looks like some pretty awesome gifts there, Wilma. Love the kitchen Santa!

I received a package from Melanie and a package from Kathy G. Thank you ladies! Photos later. Also received the package from my Secret Santa Lee. Thank you Lee! I'm going to try to wait till Christmas to open...notice I said try...LOL!

Looks like some fun items and interesting books. 

 Here is a close up of the sewing “glass case” and the apple sewing book.  Now we know what to do with all those extra glass cases....

How clever is that?!! The person who thought of that is a genius!!

This was from my SSS, Riana.  Very clever.

That is adorable! Ofcourse I like the red, white and blue scheme too.

I think I sent my glass cases to the thrift store. Now you tell me!!! LOL!! What a great idea!

You guys are so sweet! This is the 4th year I've done Secret Santa and the first time I've received gifts from other than my Secret Santa. Thank you so very much.

From Melanie.... Oh by the way, I'll be back next year! Unfortunately, Kathy is leaving us.

And from Kathy Gurgone....

I know Kathy likes gnomes. Cute and Christmasy!!


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