I thought I'd open a discussion to post all our photos of our opened Secret Santa packages to have them all in one place. This way everyone can see them without having to scroll through all the comments below. DO NOT post the photos you took before shipping your packages. Those are for claims only if your packages are lost.

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Is there a day we will all try and open our package at the same time? My humongous, duct tape wrapped,  heavy box came in the mail today from St. Nick all the way from MN. I am so curious, as to who send it and what is all in it. Hubby was ready to help me open it and had put it on the table. He is excited and curious too. LOL It was so heavy, I had to ask him to bring it up to my studio. Thank you St. Nick! 

ROFLOL! It's cool to hear spouses are just as excited! You can open it any time you desire. Some wait till Christmas and some can't stand the excitement and open it as soon as they get their package. It's up to you.

I got a package today from Kathy Gurgone. Thank you...it was not necessary. I put it under the tree but don't know how long it will stay there as Indy keeps sniffing it...LOL!

Ha ha...l'll bet there's doggy treats included in it. Can't fool a Havanese.

LOL! You are so right Riana!

Glad to hear I might not have to wait till Christmas. Our place tends to be hub central for all the strays and I am not sure who is all showing up and joining us. One of my daughter's is dating a Marine and he will be joining and if his room mate has not gone home to Texas he will probably also come plus I have my own super sized large family. One of my daughter's is flying in this weekend. I am so excited to see her again. I do want to open it when I have time to take it all in and get some pictures at the same time. Maybe this weekend or next weekend. I know right about spouses that are happy and enthusiastic also. Daughter's boyfriend is taking us out to dinner tonight without daughter coming along. She is flying after Christmas to visit his family out of state. She'll have a cold surprise as she has never been in winter weather. LOL

I might open it tonight while I rest my heel with some ice....too much walking today.  Then I can spread the little surprises out around the chair and table.  Pictures will follow tomorrow IF I do open it tonight.  Hubby carried it in and said "go"....LOL

I know right? The kitchen table is an open canvus and there is nothing on it. Tempting. LOL It would be a great place to lay everything out on and admire.

Anna, your have a clean kitchen table?  I can't imagine.


Collin is holding the dragon puppet. He is so cute.

Sew cute!

Side view


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