This month's Impossible Mission is for all of you talented hookers.  NO, not that kind!!!   The kind we are looking for are those with a great imagination, a lot of talent, and nimble fingers.  And this is not limited to just one kind of hooker.  Whether it is crochet, rug, tatting, or even fishing, we want to see what kind of wonderful things you can come up with.  The challenge, should you decide to accept it, is to make it in your SS sister's favorite color(s).  So, do we have anyone who makes fishing lures?  Doily Divas?  I can't wait to see what hidden talents some of you have.  Good luck, and may the best hooker, WIN.

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I think they are cute but rather odd and agree it looks like they would fall over.

Definitely a crocheter who know what they were doing; so even and tight.

You're right about tbat, Mary.

Definitely - there is a little picot edge on them, too.

Sorry I haven't been good about joining in on discussions, I've been putting items in my post box. I will not let my SS down. I have a few things I'm making on her list, hope she likes them.

We understand you've had a lot on your mind, Kathy. Glad you popped in to let us know you're still with us :-))

What Riana said!  Good to hear from you.

OK, here is my May Hooker's made from cut strips of fabric and can hold little odds and ends.

Very nice and Christmasy, Melanie

Thanks, Linda.

Nice job, Melanie!!

Oh boy, my cat Jake would love fishing my things out of something like that!Lol. Good way to use those skinny strings, too, even selvedges.


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