This month's Impossible Mission is for all of you talented hookers.  NO, not that kind!!!   The kind we are looking for are those with a great imagination, a lot of talent, and nimble fingers.  And this is not limited to just one kind of hooker.  Whether it is crochet, rug, tatting, or even fishing, we want to see what kind of wonderful things you can come up with.  The challenge, should you decide to accept it, is to make it in your SS sister's favorite color(s).  So, do we have anyone who makes fishing lures?  Doily Divas?  I can't wait to see what hidden talents some of you have.  Good luck, and may the best hooker, WIN.

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Oh yeah, if I do it in my SS fave color, it will totally give it away...besides I don't have any yarn that color!!!

I do crochet, can't keep the sides even for some reason. Been ages since I knitted. Wish I knew how to tat. I need  to put my thinking hat on. I've been working on making baptism gowns from old wedding dresses for friends. Next to make drapes for my granddaughters room. None of that sounds like quilting.

Kathy, making baptism gowns from old wedding gowns sounds interesting.

Afraid I'm going to have to bow out of this challenge after all. Spent today at the veterinary specialty hospital with Indy. We have an appointment next week with the neurologist. Meanwhile, they started him on anti-seizure medication as he's have neurological symptoms that has caused him to stop eating since Saturday am which includes not being able to get meds into him. They injected him with fluids to prevent dehydration and anti-nausea medication to help him start eating. Next week they will probably do an MRI and spinal taps to try to determine the cause of the seizures.

So sorry to hear that, he is such a good little fellow.  I hope they find out something soon.

Found some great yarn, ferreted out my hooks from sewing cabinet, and have my pattern. I even got started...boy, l hope l have enough yarn, ( not what pattern's written for)...kind of substituting and winging it for repeats/ size, lol. Seems l'm always picking patterns for which l can never find the yarn they use,sigh.

How is everyone coming on their projects?  I know that we have some very talented hookers in our group.  Just a reminder, don't forget to get your pictures posted as soon as possible.  Voting will be from the 1st through the 10th, and Linda has a special surprize for the winner this month.  Keep up the great work, you gals always amaze me with your talents.

I haven't crocheted in a while...can't believe how much I've forgotten.  I'm trying to follow a pattern and keep forgetting the chain stitches....this has been ripped out more times than I can count!  Maybe it's time for my other idea, especially since this will never fit in the sss box!

I've forgotten the stitches and have no muscle memory either.  On a second project which may work.  Now I remember why I stay with knitting. But challenges like this are supposed to be good for our brains.

My hooking is done.  A pair of house slippers and a couple wash cloths (all cotton so for face or dishes).  Other hooked items may find their way into my SS box.

Very nice Wilma! Love those slippers. I have 3 pairs that have seen better days.

Thank you.  They are all so comfy.


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