Impossible Mission - June - Putt Putt is missing a few tees - Winner - Linda

This month is part of your first secret missions.  You can now open your smaller envelope with the pet paws on it.  This month's impossible mission involves organizing your SS sister's bobbins in a little different way.  This month you will share with her something that brings a smile to your face, while helping her to organize her bobbins.  Maybe you loved marbles as a child, or you have a collection of antique buttons, maybe ladybugs are your thing.  Whatever it is, please share it with us.  You will only post the picture of one of your creations as we want the rest of them to be a surprise.  I found that placing the tees into an empty thread spool made it easier to work with while decorating them.  Have fun with this and I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with.

The other envelope is for your July mission, so don't open it just yet.

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Reorganizing sewing areas must've been in the wind today. Mine is normally tidy, but today l moved my magnifying light and my whiteboard to another wall so l could hang a shelf l bought at a yard sale that l painted and hung my latest wall quilt from, then lined up my little sewing machine collection along the top. Didn't find anything for my tees, though...just lint and holes to fill and paint, lol.

Have a mess in my sewing room...  you all are inspiring me to do some clean out!

Melanie, you may find treasure!

I can only hope!  lol.

I hope everyone has had fun with this month's Impossible Mission.  Don't forget to post your pictures as soon as possible, voting will begin on Monday.  The winner this month will be receiving something from my trip to Norway.

What a great incentive!!

I think you can see where this is going,.Took me a while to find a glue that actually works.Hubby has lots of glue tubes/ bottles, but all gummed up! When l was a youngster, marbles ( we called allies) were like currency! I was very good at winning them, especially the prized " crocks" ( large). I never had to buy any...until today,lol.

Good job Riana!

Very nice Riana.  I, too, remember having lots of marbles when I was a kid.

Simple and sweet, Riana. Nice work!!

Hello everyone,  just a reminder, I need everyone's vote for this month's Impossible Mission.  We have a lot of great entries this month, so please get all of your votes in by July 10th.  Thanks.

BINGO and we have a winner - Linda - The winner of this month's Impossible Mission is Linda K.  This month we had several people who were voted for, but by one vote Linda pulled out ahead.  It reminded me of all of the times when I was just waiting for one more number to be called and someone else yelled BINGO.  I was so afraid that I was going to have to be a tie-breaker vote, but then one came in at the last minute.

Thank you to everyone who participated this month, we had some great entries.  I look forward to seeing everyone's entries on next month's challenge.  Remember to post pictures of your cards when you receive them from your secret contacts.


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