Impossible Mission - June - Putt Putt is missing a few tees - Winner - Linda

This month is part of your first secret missions.  You can now open your smaller envelope with the pet paws on it.  This month's impossible mission involves organizing your SS sister's bobbins in a little different way.  This month you will share with her something that brings a smile to your face, while helping her to organize her bobbins.  Maybe you loved marbles as a child, or you have a collection of antique buttons, maybe ladybugs are your thing.  Whatever it is, please share it with us.  You will only post the picture of one of your creations as we want the rest of them to be a surprise.  I found that placing the tees into an empty thread spool made it easier to work with while decorating them.  Have fun with this and I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with.

The other envelope is for your July mission, so don't open it just yet.

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Mary, at least Paul had an idea what he was getting into, ...not exactly ballerina material ,lol. I see a telephone and perhaps a squirrel...what are the round thing and the other animals?

I confess that l spilled hot tea on my guy just after her proposed...married me anyways :-)) 51 years now.

Very cute. Mary. I see 2 hats a telephone, a squrrel, a shoe and I think a reindeer?? Lots of fun!!

Very cute....good job, Mary.

Mary, those are adorable!

Now I see what I thought was a hat is a skunk!! lol And I can not tell what the other hat really is???

There are 3 charms,  a telephone, a cameo, and a shoe! Then the animals are skunk, fawn, and beaver...great photo,, and sweet momentoes, Mary. The blue or red lettering occurs when we place our comments close to the photo...l find you must use spacer bar of type pad to move away from it first.


What is happening when our text turns red?  Can we still read it all?

It shows up on home page to the point where you sy you like to use things that you saved for no reason. Then it  gives the dots, but once you select the text on this page, it enlarges the photo and no text.

So many cute ideas here!  Going to be hard to vote on this one.

I was thinking the same, Melanie. And l've yet to find my bitty little pieces!


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