Impossible Mission - June - Putt Putt is missing a few tees - Winner - Linda

This month is part of your first secret missions.  You can now open your smaller envelope with the pet paws on it.  This month's impossible mission involves organizing your SS sister's bobbins in a little different way.  This month you will share with her something that brings a smile to your face, while helping her to organize her bobbins.  Maybe you loved marbles as a child, or you have a collection of antique buttons, maybe ladybugs are your thing.  Whatever it is, please share it with us.  You will only post the picture of one of your creations as we want the rest of them to be a surprise.  I found that placing the tees into an empty thread spool made it easier to work with while decorating them.  Have fun with this and I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with.

The other envelope is for your July mission, so don't open it just yet.

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This is what I came up with after finding all these things in my craft drawers

I love the ones with birdhouses!

This is the one I chose for the vote.

Oh my I Love these! Around here we have a definite love affair with our birds and keep 3 feeders full all the time. These are so great! 

Cute! It reminds me of my spoolie bird quilt l'm just binding!

Sweet quilt Riana, Love it.

And YES it would go perfectly with the thread and bobbin birdies

What a cute quilt...and a cute name!

It is very hard to take a close up. To close and it blurry, to far away and you can't see the details.

I love those tee and spoolies birdies.

OK I finished all of mine and this is the one (and only) that I will post....

I love the hair-do, willie. Cute idea.


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