Impossible Mission - July - Card Doodling - Winner everyone who gets a card.

If I had known in high school that people could make a living doing the same thing I was sent to the principal's office for, I would have spent a lot more time doodling and a lot less time on trigonometry.

Open your next envelope and start coloring and doodling.  Truth is, I am a terrible artist.  No talent whatsoever.  But I can trace, doodle and color with the best of them. When I discovered stencils, it opened up a whole new world for me.  And my latest attempt at being creative, is painting with pencils.  It is amazing the things you can learn to do on YouTube.

You have 3 cards, and how you decorate them is completely up to you.  And if you make a mistake, it is just part of the design.  There are no judgments on artistic ability, only that you have joined in the fun.  Afterall, if someone had told you that some of Dali's sketches were wonderful pieces of art, you probably would have laughed.

Save one card for your Secret Santa sister's box, the other two are for your secret contacts this month.  This is more about getting to know each other, than it is about your artistic ability.  Please let your secret contacts know a little bit about yourself.  Write her a letter about anything you want.  It doesn't have to be about quilting, it can be about a trip you took, or your family, or even your pet peeve. Please try and mail out your cards to your secret contacts by the end of July.

You may get back one or two cards, but I am hoping that everyone will get at least one.  Who knows, you may get back even more than that.  You never know who might be lurking in the shadows.  At the end of the month, please post pictures of the cards you have received.  We love looking at them.

Have fun everyone.

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Hello everyone.  Since I hurt my low back again, I think I will just color tonight and relax.  Went to chiro and I am assigned icing.  Oh boy, instead of having a hard a..., I will have cold buns. LOL

Oh no! Take care Beth.

Oh dear.  Take care of yourself....color away while your butt chills LOL

Found my coloured pencils, now to get started!

Gee Beth, not the kind of " icing" l would like...l prefer the cupcake kind,lol. Better do as you're told, and start feeling better.

Don't forget ladies, that this is a two part project.  Once you have decorated your cards, you need to write a letter to your secret contacts and mail them at the end of the month.  We are hopefully all going to be winners this month, as we should get a couple of letters from our secret contacts.  Don't mail one to your Secret Santa sister, because her card should go in her box.

I hope all of you are enjoying this project and that we get to know each other on a little different level.

Ooops! I mailed mine yesterday. I will have company the last 2 weeks of the month.

do we sign our name when we mail cards

Yes, please sign your cards.  This is a "Getting to Know Each Other" mission, so make sure you are sending a note about yourself in your cards.  You won't be sending one to your Secret Santa sister, you will hang on to hers to go into her box.  The other two will go to your secret contacts who I sent to you in a separate message earlier this month.

Finished mine today,  Will post picture of one tomorrow...and hope MQP works.  Need to write letters and mail at end of month.  Fun challenge.

Kathy you are taking me way out of my comfort zone. I feel sorry for the recipients of my art work and letter writing. I might need to go sit outside tomorrow to work on this.

I always find it nice to write and draw outside!  Enjoy the weather while we have it.

Look what just arrived in the mail today from Linda K. Thankyou, Linda.


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