I hope that everyone has gotten a chance to see their Secret Santa sister's pet/s.  We have some adorable ones running around, that's for sure.  This month's Impossible Mission is to make something for your Secret Santa sister's pet/s.  It can be just about anything.  A scarf, ornament, toy, anything you think they might like.

Last year, my sister, made cookies for my dog.  My husband ate one by mistake, thinking it was a Christmas cookie.  Luckily, it was basically a peanut butter cookie without sugar, so he survived.  He just ticked off my sister when he told her she needed to get a better recipe for her cookies.  We all about laughed until we peed ourselves.

If you think that your chosen project will alert your SS sister, then don't post a picture.  Send me a picture, and everyone completing their mission this month will receive a gift from me.  If is something that does not have the pets name on it, then sure, you can post pictures.  After all, we love seeing what everyone comes up with.

Thanks again for joining, and have fun.

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Very cute, Wilma!  Is this a dish mat or a pillow?  Love the fabrics either way.

It is a dish mat.  And there are only bells in the pillow, no catnip....Alas, it went when Mr. Oreo left us.  So it can be used as a toy or as a pillow or even a pin cushion.

So cute! And the catnip filled toy will be a hit!

Wilma,  too adorable!! Love the little catnip pillow with the kitty on the sewing machine!!

I will be leaving tomorrow for several days.  Believe it or not we are driving to Florida to visit with my mother-in-law for her birthday.  I won't be back until the 16th or 17th.  See you all then.

Be safe driving and with the hurricane approaching.

Jake is guarding his new toy, and Snowball plans to check it out!


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