I hope that everyone has gotten a chance to see their Secret Santa sister's pet/s.  We have some adorable ones running around, that's for sure.  This month's Impossible Mission is to make something for your Secret Santa sister's pet/s.  It can be just about anything.  A scarf, ornament, toy, anything you think they might like.

Last year, my sister, made cookies for my dog.  My husband ate one by mistake, thinking it was a Christmas cookie.  Luckily, it was basically a peanut butter cookie without sugar, so he survived.  He just ticked off my sister when he told her she needed to get a better recipe for her cookies.  We all about laughed until we peed ourselves.

If you think that your chosen project will alert your SS sister, then don't post a picture.  Send me a picture, and everyone completing their mission this month will receive a gift from me.  If is something that does not have the pets name on it, then sure, you can post pictures.  After all, we love seeing what everyone comes up with.

Thanks again for joining, and have fun.

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I have no pets any longer. Mine crossed over the rainbow bridge 2 years ago. I will see what I can come up with for my SS...of course I have a grand dog, Duke, who is a golden retriever.

Nina is my 7 lbs of attitude. She actually loves clothes but is slender and long.

soooo cute!!

We also have another dog at our house, my husband has a hunting lab and she just had puppies. Here are some pictures to make you smile.This one is Josie.

Anna, that is too funny.  And I love the pictures of your little cuties.


Kathy that reminds me of when I made bird bread for the parrot. Bird bread includes some yummy ingredients like dried meal worms. I baked it and put it out to cool before cutting and freezing it for the bird. Next thing this humongous piece is cut out of it. My married daughter was staying with us and comes running into the kitchen demanding to know what is in the bread. She had cut a big piece for her hubby, who was helping us paint. He had taken the biggest bite from the fresh baked bird bread. LOL By the time I saw him he was trying to spit out as much as he could. 

Anna, that is a hilarious story! LOL

Anna, you made my eyes water, lol! Puppies are so ad♡rable !

If your SS sister does not have a pet, or hasn't posted a picture, you can always make something for a pet she might have wanted as a child, such as a penguin or a pet elephant.  So if you don't have a pet at this time, let us know something about your dream pet as a child.

I have my little dog, Juan, now, but as a child I always wanted a pony.  My cousin had one, in fact she still has several horses and that was always my dream.  I think they are among the most beautiful creatures in the world.


If your SS sister didn't post a picture, check her questionnaire. There is a question asking if she has a pet. It may give you a hint.

I no longer have a pet to share, we lost our buddy last fall. :(


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