Nothing welcomes us into the dining room better than a lovely table centerpiece.  This month's mission should you decide to join us, is to create a colorful centerpiece that can be used throughout the year.  This does not need to be a sewn project.  It can be a crocheted doily, a flower arrangement, painted ceramic, anything you can create.  The parameters for this months challenge is that it be colorful and for daily use, not specifically for any particular holiday.

This month's winner will receive a really cute Artsi2 Quilt Board Kit of a Rooster.  If you have never done one of these kits, you are in for a treat.   Good Luck everyone.

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Colleen, I took a course for a week on rug hooking. 

Loved doing it, but it really hurt my wrist, so haven't done more than this chair pad l did in class.

sometimes Hooking hurts my wrist too. I have started using an Oxford Punch which doesn’t cause as much discomfort and it goes faster too. I still love to traditional hook but am enjoying punching too. 

I bought a punch and started a project. No wrist pain there. But l still prefer quilting :-))

This chair pad is stunning! It is not an entry, correct? You are sharing what you did?

Riana, that is beautiful.  What talent.  Your secret sister is sure to love it.

Thanks, Kathy, I haven't received the questionaire from Fla. yet, but l know who she is...keeping fingers crossed. Lol.

I’m sure your S.s.s. Will be thrilled. It is wonderful ( s.s.s. = secret Santa sister) I love that. 

Someone will be very lucky.  You did a great job.

i am skipping this month’s challenge.  Have too many issues with mom.  Started hospice (palliative first) this week.  Now trying to find places to take excess furniture as she has a hospital bed with special mattress to prevent bedsores.  Yesterday she was pretty good, but early this week she couldn’t communicate or sit up.  BUT I did get my box all taped and ready...mug rug and few other things deposited inside.

I also love the sheep and the country look. Very pretty! It makes me feel like having a tea party. 

I'm not going to be able to complete a centerpiece in time this month. Sooo many things going on.

I love all the center pieces I have seen sofar and would be happy to see any of them come home my way. I am planning to make some items but might not get to them till closer to summer. I have some possibilities laying ready. They are more of a quilting nature sofar as I am not that comfortable doing any other crafty things.

Wilma...I was in your situation 18 years ago.  Now I just remember the occasional sweet smiles when she recognized me.


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