What is your favorite pattern to use when making scrappy quilts?

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I use cheap looseleaf paper and cut it to the size you want or old phone book paper also works great. there's no distortion  and  they both tear away easily....they say to shorten your stitch length to make tearing away easier but I usually forget to do that..........another one of my favorite ways to use scraps or strips.....


Hi Jo,  Without a doubt my favorite scrappy quilt is the log cabin.  I have made so many I've lost track of the number and I think everyone I know and care about has gotten one from me.  My goal-cover the world in log cabin quilts.  I start with either a 1 1/2 sq. or a 2 1/2 sq but my logs are always 1 1/2 inches.  I've seen others smaller but that's too "fussy" for me. I'm curious about what your favorite is.
I guess you would have to say that I don't have a favorite. I have made scrappy hexagon, half-square, small squares, strings, and log cabins. I love them all. Right now, I have in progress, two with hexagons (one using the 3/4" hexs and the other with 1" hexs), one with 2.5 inch squares (the squares came from a 6" block exchange), one log cabin with 1.25 inch logs (that one got set aside a while back but is still on the to-do list). I usually do not color coordinate my quilts, just throw all the colors together.
As I indicated in a past comment I am working on a double size (120 block) log cabin in browns, reds, orange and an occasional green for a local Ronald McDonald House.  They are building a "stand alone" facility after they had a flood in the location on the top floor of the local children's hospital wing.  When they had the flood they rescued the quilts our guild's comfort quilters had made for them.  One of our dedicated comfort quilters (she started the group years ago and we give out about 225 quilts a year) has organized our members efforts to give the RM House enough for 24 double beds.  We'll be busy this summer.

i too just throw all the colors together. i have a friend who laughs...she keeps telling me 'you are just supposed to reach in the pile and pull out and sew' i say no...i get upset...so i layout then sew...i call it organized random...works for me. and there are tons of traditional blocks that work so well for scrapping. i love nancy mahoneys quilts and website.

I love a log cabin. I always use red for the center starting block.
I think the Log Cabin is made to be scrappy!  An easy scrappy quilt to make is a simple Brick and Mortar, and of course many mention the String Quilt as the scrappiest of all!
I like all sorts of scrap quilts but my favorite to sew is a square.  Like 9 patch or whatever as long as its a square in the end. 

Spent the night googling string and chinese coins scrappy quilting.  I don't have a sewing machine right now.  So I will be doing most of my scrappys by hand.  Wish someone would have told me how addictive quilting could be.  I would have started quilting a long time ago...LOL!!!  I am becoming a bliddering quilting idiot!  I was up until 6am this morning looking at quilting sites and patterns.  Oh my god...  wait a minute.  I just saw an idea for a pattern on Jerry Springer...  A big LLLLOOOOLLLL!!!!!!!

Hi Garnie,

Told you it was a disease.  So glad you caught it.  Hope you never recover either.  I lie in bed at night looking over and over and over my magazines, and books designing more quilts than I could ever make if I lived to 200 which I have to because as they always say---sew many quilts, sew little time.

Enjoy, Patricia

Garnie, I carry a graph paper pad in my purse and when sitting someplace, waiting for husband, kids, whatever, challenge myself to find some kind of quilt pattern. Yesterday I was at the doctors, waiting for him to come see me and the little room was so sterile that I could come up with nothing! That's probably the first time that has happened to me. Yes, you find quilt ideas is some of the strangest places! It's wonderful. I would suggest to anyone starting out to buy some graph paper, it's the best way to learn how to design your own quilts.
Carrying the graph paper with you.  What a great idea!


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