What is your favorite pattern to use when making scrappy quilts?

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I string piece on used dryer sheets and then sew those blocks together. The string piecing usually forms a diagonal pattern so interesting designs appear when the blocks are joined.
I've never heard of doing the "stringing" on dryer sheets.  Do you just leave them or do you tear them off when getting ready to piece blocks.  Patricia Loquet

The dryer sheets are so fine, they can be left in place. I'm sure they eventually fall apart, but by that time

everything is secured in place. Don't touch the dryer sheet with a hot iron; it will shrink.

How do the dryer sheet do when you iron the front "fabric" side?  Do you use a cotton setting on your iron? I know that wiping an iron w/ a used dryer sheet cleans it but I guess its not wise to do that when the iron is so hot.  Thanks for the info Judy

When I iron the front "fabric" side, I use the cotton setting an everything is fine. If you need to

iron the dryer sheet side to smooth before using it, use a cooler iron.

they can also be used in applique. i was given pattern by quilt teacher i met years ago. she used it in her applique techniques classes. like make a sunbonnet character. instead of stitching individual pieces to back ground fabric. she stiched whol character together. then right side down to dryer sheet. she stitched around border, leaving area open to turn it right side out. stitched that closed when she machine appliqued the whole thing to her background fabric. she had been telling me about it. i was pretty...noveryskeptical [being die-hard traditionalist] so she brought me the pattern technique information and two blocks that she had made for me...still have them ...they are a great way/shortcut..to doing applique. my friend in holland says they use a similar technique over there...but instead of dryer sheets they use 'nappie' liners. ????? so she sent me a box...they are even better than dryer sheets...thinner...they are used to line baby diapers over there.

sooooo many quilters out there with sooooo many COOL!!! ideas..love it!!!

Eleanor Burns does this techinque but uses stablizer but dryer sheets would just as well.  I am working on the saving the stings  and hope to make a string quilt in my lifetime. LOL


what was the vulcan blessing? live long and finish your quilty dreams?

i confess to a small and growing collection of stips & strings via scrap gifts and yard sales. there are so many ideas for them. started thinkng of log cabins, then saw an antique quilt at estate sale. string quilt - blocks like drunkards path, but with strings. so cool. but waaaay over priced for condition...took quite a bit of gentle looking to find a block intact enough to discern what the pattern was. then i have always wanted to do a string star. then....

i plan to live a very long time! lol
Instead of leaving some stitching open, you can stitch completely around the appliqué then cut a slit in the dryer sheet and turn.
that is how i do it. my grmother taught me that as a very very young child. she wouldn't let me handle her sharp little scissors but i watched intently wanting to learn. i can still see her tiny little snips in muslin backing of preprinted childs nursery rhyme fabric she gave me to teach me what is now called trapunto. she called it "stuffed work". so, taking step further, cut into applique backing and turn inside out. there is a newer idea on net, can't think of term for it. was being discussed in an applique group discussion last year. i bookmarked the pages of a couple of blogs, but can't think of the term they were using for it. i decided i like my ways better.

I like this method also, but I use old yellow pages, cut to 8 1/2" square.  drop the stitch length a bit and press the block with steam - it helps the paper tear away easier

Hi Judy .  Do dryer sheets distort when string piecing on them ?  I had heard of this technique but haven't tried it .  I paper pieced on lightweight interfacing .  I was making fall colors of maple leaves . Every darn one of them was distorted .  Wasted my fabric , which I can't afford to do .  I have a very small stash and am unemployed . That was very disappointing !  I used what fall colors I had which were mostly scraps .



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