Do you ever make leader and ender quilts?  Do you use scraps or coordinate the fabrics?  I have done both.  I am getting ready to start a new one and I think all this recent discussion on scrap bins (thank you Beth :)) is inspiring me to do a scrappy one this time. 

I would love to know what other quilters do for leader and ender quilts.

If you do not know what I mean, or if you have not tried it, check out this link

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Always working on one. Are we going to do one together??


I'm in.

Glad I could be such an inspiration and encourager to use up those scraps.  I have several starts apparently from looking thru my stuff wherein I sewed up the cut off pieces from flying geese and snow ball blocks.  I could sew them together and make a couple miniature quilts without a problem.  It is the squaring up of the hst that take the time. 

On another note, over in the Quilting Bee discussions, I am going to start up a scrap challenge to use those scraps. 

I did see the scrap challenge and am waiting for the details.  I need to get mine organized as my granddaughter decided the overflow in the bin is hers to throw around the house LOL

Here is a link for a way to organize your scraps.  Also you can use the silverware drawers you find at garage sales.

Thanks for the link.  I also have the Deloa Jones book Scraps Organized to Perfection.  It has great tips as well.

beeinmybonnet is one of my favorite reads ...the link to her tutorial on scrap organinzing ...

Here is a Lego Scrap quilt from Lazy Gal Quilting.

If that is not mind boggling.

lazygal site new to me. thanks beth. but quilting w the past i am a frequent visitor to. i have had the above quilt & all the close up photos of it saved to my ipad for couple years. the stretch screen capability of the ipad allows me to zoom in closer on the close up photos. the fabrics are amazing & the quilt is dated between 1830-1850's. strips are 5/8" wide in blocks of 6 1/2".

Makes me dizzy LOL

I will see what I can organize for a leader ended project. I'm in Alaska on vacation with my grandbabies. Will be home Friday night. I'll organize it Saturday and post. If you're in, let me know, don't want to just organize for myself.


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