sharing some scrap thoughts with susan on another discussion. occurred to me that i have a lot...i mean a lot of scraps.

so....are you a hoarder if your scrap fabric stash pile is higher than your yardage fabric stash pile?

i mean...well you know what i mean.

so, what do y'all think?

oh, btw, if i can get a finished 1/2 or smaller block piece out of is a scrap worth stashing :))

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I don't have a "cut off" size for scraps, but basically, when they're too small to fold and put in with the fq's, into the scrap basket they go.  I also do not save anything smaller than 1".  Riana, I too have a glass jar full of cut off triangles, in a few different sizes, from a few different projects.  I sometimes wonder if I'll ever use them, or if they will just be in that jar forever.

i don't have a "cut off" size either. i will save as small as 3/4" ...if i can get 1/8th inch seams, i keep. i have triangles in different sizes all in a baggie. they are sorted by size in the baggie ..wish i had a spot to put jar on display, would be so pretty! but it is what it is and safe inside the baggie inside a box at least they don't get light damage. but i have some wonderful antique 2 quart canning jars!


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