sharing some scrap thoughts with susan on another discussion. occurred to me that i have a lot...i mean a lot of scraps.

so....are you a hoarder if your scrap fabric stash pile is higher than your yardage fabric stash pile?

i mean...well you know what i mean.

so, what do y'all think?

oh, btw, if i can get a finished 1/2 or smaller block piece out of is a scrap worth stashing :))

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I bought the largest storage container Walmart had to store my scraps (less than a fat quarter).  I'm thinking I kind of like the idea of separating them out into at least the color wheel of primary and secondary colors.  But even if we did primary & secondary colors (reds, yellows, blues, greens, oranges, violets) and neutrals (black, gray, brown, white), that would still mean another 7 containers!!!  Where would I put them????   Hmm..have to think about this. 

If I took out the large container and instead limited it to 7 shoe box size containers, that would help!  

But, then where I get into trouble is what do you do with multi-colored fabrics like florals, novelties, etc. Ugh...maybe I'll just stick with the one large one!!! Seems easier.

I sorted all my small pieces into it's own color container....$.96 shoe box size w/lid from Walmart....florals went in to it's predominant color container.  I did just buy 5 more to break down them further and a larger flatter see through one to put my larger yardage

I keep 2"x2" or 1/12" x4" minimum, anything smaller goes to a lady at my guild that makes miniatures. Blocks get kept in chocolate boxes (those clear plastic ones that Ferraro chocolates come in are the best), bigger cut scraps 6x6 etc go in new pizza boxes, when I get a chance I pair light/dark and keep doubling up until I have a quilt. 660x 2" makes a nice single and it's not hard this way

I mostly sew clothing, much of it cotton.  A girlfriend helped me cut most of my scraps into squares for a double four patch quilt.  Long narrow pieces we cut to 18 x 3 inches to use for scrunchies.  The squares are in zipper lock bags in my cedar chest.  When I finally get around to making that quilt top, I can see how my fabric tastes have changed over time.

joy - susan...great ideas both. but do you ever use those little squares? i am finding that i am being the recipient of large quart freezer bags with neatly cut 2 1/2 x2 1/2, 3x3 4x4 and 2 to 4" strips...neatly stacked and sorted by size. now that my mil has put the word out they are even picking them up at yard sales for her to bring to me. i am amazed. all that work, the cutting, the sorting and storing and labeling and then they get put into yard sales. i am not complaining...but after our last sat group meet and the discussion [one of them lollollol] got to scrap quilts, and the saving of scraps and then how difficult it is to make a scrap quilt...i decided that that is probably the source of my treasure bags of pre- cut squares. i agreed with them .... scrap quilts can be difficult to make. we are so used to buying or using fabs that look nice together or are same color groupings etc. that it is difficult for most of us to see how absolutely wonderful an odd or wild assortment of squares triangles whatever can become. i buy [at yard sales or used book stores] books of old quilts and the histories of various quilt making styles in america and europe etc. the photos are an inspiration ....most of those old quilts were scrap quilts. and they are the most wonderful quilts....a celebration and joy to see.  i still tend to sort colors...groupings can be fun...but i also use mixed print/color styles. i am getting quite a few scraps of batik...something that i don't buy as a rule as i really am in love w/traditional fabs and traditional q patterns. but...hmmmm....wouldn't it be fun to mix some bright batik scraps with some repro 20's or antique fabs...of which i have some of also.   huh? sound good? thanks for your input to my discussion here.

Here's one of my scrappies made with 660 2 1/2 " squares

and one made with little strips- it's a stack of coins, but I put a very narrow border (1/2") around each stack to highlight them

Hope this gives you a few ideas, by the way you could always give your MIL my address when you've got enough(hint, hint)

I reckon they're a freebie, and as I give a lot away or donate for raffles etc it's the only way to go., and you'd have to admit they're pretty bonza

Joy i have never counted the patches in my scrap quilts or for that matter any of my quilts. but as i am always up to a challenge...i am going to count the patches in my quilt "new jersey twilight" lollol... but seriously, your two quilts pictured here are wonderful. i love the coins pattern and your idea of the slender borders to set off the coin scraps is really exciting. i am going to copy it. ok?

and the goodies fr mil have slowed over the winter months...fortunately, as it gave me time to sort and resort and get in useable state of confusion. my poor old brain is bursting at the seams with all the possibilities for bright colorful scrap or bed or wall....sigh..but...if mil overloads me...i will definitely keep you in mind!!!

but...summer & yard sale season is rapidly approaching...therefore i have been working diligently on finishing my current little scrappy pink and green 16-patch. [4" blocks]

I didn't actually count them, I counted the rows and the columns and multiplied. Yes I don't mind you copying the idea of the border, I did it as I wanted to make it look less 'leftover'. I was asked last year to make 8 quilts for a woman to give as presents, she had 6 children so I tried to keep the costs down for her. When I laid the columns on the background it lacked something, but the black brought everything out beautifully. I like scrappy as in leftover not specifically bought fabrics, but I like them to still look nice, not 'you didn't pay for it so it doesn't matter what it looks like' which quite a few charity quilts do look like. I either have a colour theme, or a shape theme (e.g. scrappy Dresden) or do totally random colours in blocks just matching light/dark.

i agree. scrappy still has to be well ordered, coordinated...and yah that is how i count pieces a basic square/rectangular pieces - to count all the triangles per block and multiply out...well...i really don't care is the joy and pleasure of piecing and putting it all together that makes me happy. the number of pieces is ...well...i dunno, just not important. tho when i see a masterpiece like ginnies 'road to california' and the intricacy of it the piecing on the back side...well...gotta admit to being a touch curious...?how many pieces?!!??!! and i try to use leftover or stash for my scrappy quilts also. i made a comment here and to some friends recently ..that the idea of going out and buying 20 matching precut fat quarters, or small amounts of various fabrics in order to make a 'scrap' quilt,as you see in the directions for some of the books with patterns for scrap quilts, doesn't seem to me to be the idea behind scrap quilts.

Beautiful! I especially love the coins.

I love the idea of putting the narrow border. I made a quilt similar to this, but did not put the narrow border. Next one I make I will try this.

wow, I like the coins too. can I make one too? lol 

my cousin keeps a little bin of 2 1/2 inch squares next to her machine, when she finishes a seam she grabs a couple of squares and runs them in behind what ever she is sewing to keep the dreaded thread tails from happening. once she has used up all the ''twosies' she picks up a pair of them and runs them in after whatever she is sewing. she never has the thread end issue and she ends up with a scrap quilt eventually. two birds stone. I keep saying i'm going to do this too, but so far ai haven't.


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