I have a small service dog, who was rescued from a puppy mill. House breaking him has been quite difficult, but he is slowly catching on. However, when he is on duty he is very good at letting me know that he needs to go outside. Recently, I had a quilt show at church and the person who picked me up refused to take me unless I left my dog at home. It is against the law to deny service dogs access with its owner. But she was adamant about having a dog in the church sanctuary. So does that mean that they would turn away disabled/handicapped people from worshipping God just because they have a service animal? I find this very disturbing. Service dogs are trained to lay at their owners feet.

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Linda you should have been able to take the dog. They is people that never had dogs or any animals so they really do not know now to deal with them my husband did not have any animals growing up so he and I have a different few on them. I just look past that and I have always had dogs cat and birds I just had to give up my birds that was a sad day for me

Service dogs are becoming more and more valuable to people with all sorts of medical issues. They can alert to changes in sugar levels, seizures not only to mobility issues and more we are not aware of.

At my church we have service dogs in training and puppy raisers for service work, its wonderful to see the dogs at church. The dogs are a comfort to everyone. 

Prayers for the people who do not understand just how important the service dogs are to people.

Mary, you are so right.   The woman that refused to let the service dog accompany Linda was very much in the wrong.   She had no business refusing a service dog w/its owner access to church or anywhere else.  She should remember Jesus Himself threw the money-lenders from the temple and invited the halt and lame to enter.

Legally I could have called the police. I can also bring a civil suit and she would have to do community service. I am not going to do this however because up to now this woman has been a good friend, taken me shopping, etc.

Her reason she later told me was that she was afraid my dog would have an accident on the Sanctuary carpeting. The only time he has ever had an accident was when we were at a mall and I wasn't familiar with where the exits were. Therefore, I couldn't get him out fast enough and I can't walk fast anyway. I carry in his back pack the necessary items to clean up such messes. When I was done you could not tell he had made a mess.

I am a responsible pet owner and always clean up after my service dog. He also still has a lot of training to go thru, but he has never misbehaved.

Prayers for you and your dog and future training. Prayers also for your friend, that she sees how you and your dog are together and realizes you are a responsible dog owner and you know your dog and he knows you and that you are good team together.
Best wishes for you and blessings.

Thank you, Mary. And thank you to everyone who gave their opinion. God's blessings.

You absolutely should have been able to bring your dog. It's your legal right to do so. I have found that most people welcome service dogs everywhere, it's unfortunate that you had to deal with someone who was not understanding. I would speak to the pastor. Then go to the church again and sit next to that lady! Don't let one person turn you away from what might be a great church family.

I think it's a good idea to speak to the minister about brining my service dog to church...I wouldn't sit next to the lady, that may just rub salt in the wound and it seems she is a friend. Altho ignorant of the law....

Will send up prayers for you and your dog in the hopes that others will understand.


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