Hello girls and guys if any on the board. My name is Adrianna and live in Rockingham, NC. I have made 4 quilts so far and will post a pic of my last one. It is nice finally meeting people from the area.  This is the 4th quilt that I made for my neighbor for Christmas.

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Hello Adrianna!! I am from Greensboro, not too far from you. Is your neighbor an Appalachian State fan? Those are App State colors! My daughter would love it. Nice outdoor scene and App colors. She is going there now, and for the next few years it looks like. She wants a masters in accounting. My son graduated from there about 1 1/2 years ago. Beautiful area.

Your little chihuahua looks alot like my Tea'a. She is a long haired and is black and tan but the markings are very similar to yours. She has the racoon like mask on her face. And my Chelsea is a long haired too, she is all brown.


Glad to meet you Adrianna!



Hi Lisa thanks for responding and my neighbor is a hunter and he asked if I would make him a throw for his recliner and that is what he wanted. I think that it turned out pretty good and he seemed happy with it. LOL would like to see a pics of your babies. I just love my Chihuahuas Izzy is the third in line my other two have passed on and in doggy heaven. Izzy is spoiled rotten and I am sure that your babies are too. LOL. What would we do without them? Looking forward to chatting with you online. Happy quilting!!

Hi Adrianna, The quilt came out very nice! I am partial to those colors, LOL.

In my profile pic I am holding both my chihuahua babies. Chelsea is the brown one and Tea'a is the black one. We just got Tea'a in May. we rescued her from puppy mills that could not breed her. We found out when we spayed her that she had a medical issue and could not have puppies. But the puppy mills that passed her around did not know that. We were her 4th owner in 5 years of her short life. She is the most loving dog I have ever had. She just melts into my lap or my chest. Buries her tiny head in my chest. And sleeps with me under the covers, snuggled up against my back or curled up in my husbands arm. She has a forever home here with me.


I also have 3 Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. We had to put our older girl down last Wednesday. She was 16 years and 9 month old. She got to the point where she stopped eating and could not stand up. So it was time for her. My husband took it hard as she was his baby. So we are down to 5 dogs now. I don't know what we would do without them. And I will never know. Cause I plan to always have 2-3 dogs. 5 is a little too many, but 2-3 would be good. And yes, mine are spoiled rotten too. But isn't that why we get them? to spoil them? They deserve it, especially Tea'a, after the rough first 5 years of her life. They are so precious.



yes that is why we keep getting them, sorry about your lost of one. Here my husband has 18 hunting dogs and its never ending barking and howling LOL but we love them all.


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