Hi Ladies!

     I think a good place to start is with an introduction. Tell us a little about yourself, how did you begin quilting, where do you like to buy your quilting supplies.

I'll start:

   I'm Sue from Raleigh. I have only been quilting just over a year. I joined a crafting group in Cary soon after I moved to Raleigh and a few of the girls in the group quilted. I had always wanted to learn how to quilt and the ladies from the group were very supportive. I bought a used sewing machine and made my first quilt, a pin-wheel baby quilt. I like to shop at Quilts Like Crazy in Wake Forest and when I need a quilt quilted I will take it to Whatever's Quilted in Wake Forest. I look forward to talking to you ladies!

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Hello Sue!  I live close to you, in Henderson, about 35 miles North of Raleigh.  I also shop at Quilts Like Crazy.  I create my own quilt designs and sell them in my online shop, curlicuecreations.com, and sometimes my designs make it into magazines, most recently Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks.  I also write a quilting blog at curlicuecreations.blogspot.com.   I go to a quilting group on Monday nights at Miss Lou's.  (It's in Henderson)  We have a great time, and one of the ladies actually drives up from Raleigh for our group.  I am so glad you started this group for NC quilters!  This should be fun.  Maybe we could meet in person sometime.  Did you attend the Quilting and Sewing Expo in Raleigh last June?  It's coming again this year & I'm going again for sure.  It was great fun!  It's great to meet you.  Have a super day!

Hi Jennifer! I know where Henderson is! I actually live in Wakefield so it's not far at all! My hubby and I go to the Drive in there all the time! I have never been to the Quilting Expo but I want to go! It would be awesome to meet some time! Do you machine or hand quilt? What is Miss Lou's? Is it someone's home? When I don't have to work I go to a Craft/Quilt group out in Cary, the girls are so sweet and we always have fun! It is so nice to meet you! Talk to you soon!


And I know where Wakefield is.  I actually lived in Raleigh for years.  We moved to Henderson 5 years ago to get our dream...the historic old farmhouse on a couple of acres.  It was a wreck when we moved in, and it's a constant work in progress, but I just love it.  We live about 5 miles from the drive in.  I haven't been in a few years, but it's a great place to take your family.  They're closed from now until March.  I'm hoping my youngest, the 3 y.o. will be able to handle going there this summer.  

You should really plan on going to the Quilt Expo.  It's the weekend of June 22.  My husband sent me last year on a "vacation".  He even got me a fancy hotel room at the Marriott & is planning on sending me this year, too.  I had a great time.  I took a class on free motion quilting, got to see a ton of gorgeous quilts, shopped at all the booths, met other quilters, and they had a stage with different shows going on the whole time, like an amazing quilt trunk show.  At the end of each day they have a big giveaway with gift bags and sewing machines.  (I didn't win anything)  I went on Thursday and Friday last year.

I do both machine and hand quilting.  I just got a Juki super fast mid arm with an aluminum frame and I'm loving it.  It is so much fun and way easier than free motion quilting on a domestic machine.  But I also enjoy the peacefulness of hand work.  I got the machine to speed up some of my quilt production for the business end of things.  What type of quilting are you doing?

Miss Lou's is a "quilting studio".  I am lucky to have her just a few miles away from my home.  She has classes and different groups that meet to sew and chat.  I'm raising 3 boys and I don't have any family nearby, so that is my girl time.  At our group, the Quarter Seamers, we usually have a quilting project that we a working on (we're doing Improved Nine Patch/Wedding Ring right now), plus she makes up little kits every other meeting and teaches us how to make something we can use for a gift.  We did some really cute snowmen this month.  It's only $20.00 per month, and we usually meet twice a month, sometimes three times.

Tell me about your group in Cary.  I worked in Cary for 14 years.  It's a great place.  Sometimes I miss it, but it's so nice and quiet here in the countryside.  So good to meet you.  Come to the Expo.  We can have lunch or something.  Have a super day!

I just told my husband that I am taking him with me to the quilt expo. I want to win a new sewing machine! All of the quilts I have made to date are machine pieced quilts. I haven't gotten to do any free motion quilting on my own. Right now whenever I need something quilted I talk it to Whatever's Quilted in Wake Forest and have them do it on their long arm. I am signed up for a "class" on Craftsy to learn how to do it. Right now I am working on a Craftsy BOM and when it is all pieced in January I am going to use the finished quilt to try my hand at free motion since most of the time I make my quilts for gifts I am a bit nervous trying it on one of those! My group in Cary started as a Quilt group but now we welcome all kinds of crafts. We meet every Tuesday from 11:30AM-4pm (though often lately I can't go because of work). It's a great group of girls and when I first started going I only did cross stitch but had always wanted to learn how to quilt. The girls in the group were very supportive in helping me get started!  It is nice to meet you and lunch sometime would be great! Talk to you soon!

Hello Sue and Jennifer;


My name is Maggie Boucher and I live in Statesville.  I am new to quilting and only started the beginning of January.  I had always wanted to learn how to quilt but never found the time. And to be perfectally honest with you I never thought i would be able to do it.  The last time I even touched a sewing machine to sew anything was when I was in the 8th grade in school and had to sew an apron (I hated it).  I purchesed a second hand sewing machine off of ebay and went to my local quilt shop Needles and Thread here in statesville.  Everybody I have met there has been wonderful.  Theresa the owner has been amazing at teaching me what I need to know (mostly ripping out seems (Im an expert by now)   I have made 2 quilts so far one was a strip quilt made with jelly rolls (lap) and the other is a full sized quilt that I have to finish up by putting on the binding.  I have been bitten by the bug..the quilting bug..I love it.

My fav. techneique is paper piecing and I am working on one right now called the Dream Weaver Star.


I have not yet gone to a quilting show or expo but will be attending the one in June in Raleigh with the people from Needle and Thread.


I  am glad there are others in the area who love to quilt, i am looking forward to getting to know each of you..Have a wonderful Day


Hi Maggie! Welcome to the group! It is nice to "meet" you! I only started quilting last year and got bitten by the bug very quickly also! I just began introducing a friend of mine to quilting also and she is getting hooked fairly quickly. It's amazing what can come out of just a few pieces of fabric! I am also planning on going to the expo in June for the first time. We should all try to meet up at some point during it and meet face to face! I look forward to talking to you soon!

Sue, I love the idea of our group meeting up at the Expo.  Maybe we can all meet for lunch, or even dinner afterwards!

That sounds like a great idea! Food always helps to break the ice!

Hi all! I have just joined this forum.I am Jeannie from the Eastern part of the state about 1/2 way between Raleigh and the coast. I have been quilting since 1991, I took a class when DH deployed to Saudi Arabia. I put it down for awhile, but fell in love about 3 years later. Have been playing with scraps ever since. I like to machine piece and quilt, and stay reasonably traditional. Looking forward to talking!

Hi Jeannie! Welcome to the group! It was so nice "meeting" you! Hope to talk soon as well!


Hi Ladies! I'm Kathleen from Pittsboro and I have been quilting on and off for about 10 years. I mainly made quilts as gifts or my own personal use. I use a Bernina Activa to make my quilts so I usually make baby or lap quilts. Hand quilting is my first love but now that I have an online shop I have switched to very basic machine quilting. I just bought a free motion foot and I hope to start practicing with that soon. Now that I am "retired" maybe I will finish some of the quilt tops that have been waiting patiently for me to get back to them!

Oh fun Kathleen!  What is the link to your online shop?  I'm on Etsy at https://www.etsy.com/shop/CurlicueCreations?ref=si_shop, plus I am starting to put a few patterns on Craftsy at http://www.craftsy.com/user/1078610/pattern-store?_ct=fhevybu-ikrdq..., and I write a blog at http://curlicuecreations.blogspot.com/.  I'm raising 3 boys, so I don't have as much time for it all as I'd like, but I try to get a little bit in every day!  Have a super day!


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