What did you make for your very first quilt?  Or if you are making your first one now, what is it?  For my very first quilt I made a lap size Log Cabin.  I used the book, "Log Cabin in a Day" by Eleanor Burns.  That book is what taught me the basics of quiltmaking.  My second book ("Better Homes and Gardens Complete Guide to Quilting") is the one that I still refer to when I want to learn something new.  It's the best all-around quilt book I've come across.  I have one like it by Fons and Porter, but it's not nearly as detailed.

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My first quilt was also a lap quilt in the Log Cabin design.  I did this one because my husband and I had just built our own Log Home.  I made it in patriotic colors and it is hanging in our spare bedroom.  That is the only class I took and only took it because a friend almost dragged me there.  My quilts are just straight lines, but would love to lean how to sew curves.  Also wish I had a long arm machine.  Don't think that will ever happen.  I just google Free quilt patterns, and find one I like and make it.  I also applique somethings to make the quilt a little more fun.  I love quilting.
Have you made any other log cabin quilts?  I did make one more for my dad.  They're fun to make and I don't know why I don't make more of them.  Probably because I want all of my quilts to have different patterns.  I haven't had the opportunity to take a class yet.  There are none available in my area, so I've had to teach myself using books and the internet.  Many of them I design myself using simple blocks; I choose my fabrics first and then design a quilt around my choices.  I've never used a patten off of the internet, but I've learned how to do a lot of techniques that way.  I'm trying to learn how to like applique'.  I've made a few appliqued quilts, but I just have more fun with piecing.
:) A woman after my own heart. I also google free quilt patterns when I'm looking for something new to make. I also buy catalogs in the stores. I have a 3 ring binder that I organize all my patterns in.

Bridget, you start the most interesting topics! I too am interested to hear what everyone made for their first quilt and why.

 As for me (sorry I'm "long-winded"): I was in my mid-twenties home visiting parents in rural Middle Tennessee. I lived in Memphis, and missing the "country life" and at the age where I now appreciated my heritage and all it had to offer, one thing of which was quilting (grandmother and mother were quilters). I saw a pattern for making a Dresden plate type of applique using men's ties while thumbing through a magazine on a visit "home: .. I took that and modified it to use scraps from tops and dresses I had sewn, and made a quilt top, which my Mom quilted for me. This was 1990.

I did a few quilt tops after that, but didn't get back into quilting unti 2009 again!

Thanks, Angie.  I like to keep conversations going, although in this group there are a lot of discussions.  I think four pages of them.  Anyway, I love your story!  I did a blog post (LONG) about what got me started quilting in the first place.  No one in my family is a quilter and I didn't pick it up until I was in my mid-40's.

I love the Dresden plate types of quilts;  I just went back to your pictures to see if it's there...it turned out really nice!  A large quilt for a beginner!  Do you still use it?  It must have been fun using fabric from other things you've sewn.  I never learned how to sew, but I was thinking about making a log cabin using fabrics from many of the quilts I've made.  A lot of fabric I've given away, but my scrap box still has a lot to choose from.  It will probably look ugly because my tastes vary widely.  Can you picture brights, 30's, and Asian in the same quilt?

The thing that drew me to quilting in the first place was how beauty could be made out of random scraps thrown together in a pattern and made into something beautiful and useful. I love scrap quilts for these reason.


Finally home from church.  Angie, I love your description of quilting.  That is right on the money.  My first quilt was a wall hanging I made in my senior activity center class.  It's still a quilt top waiting to be finished.  If I just sew a back on it without the batting, can you still consider it a quilt?

I used to be totally into my crochet and beading, but now quilting has taken center stage, back stage, front row, balcony, the entire theater. 


And yes, Bridget, I can picture all those fabrics and times in the same quilt.  Let us know when you finish.

I am not the quilt police Garnie but I think if you put a backing on that it counts as a quilt. Love your statement how quilting has taken over the whole stage. :-) Couldn't agree more.

Garnie, since I happen to be a member of the quilt police (HAHAHA-just joking!) I do believe one thing...technically a quilt is considered a quilt when it has three layers.  Check out the word "quilt" in the dictionary; it says 2 layers with batting in the middle.  The one exception would be crazy quilts, but they are traditionally pieced on Muslin and then backed without batting.

But really, who cares?  It's your quilt and you can do what you want...these days with the popularity of art quilts it seems that there are no rules and anything goes.

I do like to learn the proper or traditional way of doing things, and then I'll change what I want to change; I just want to know the right way first.

I love it and agree with you.  HA HA HA.


I totally concure!  But batting is so expensive.  I may just try my aunt's batting idea.  She made some lap quilts for the mothers' board at her church and used old blankets at the batting.  Woolited and fabric softened.  Besides, this is going on a wall. So who cares?
I live in a  very remote area and the closest fabric store (other than expensive Quilt Shops) is 3 hours away.  I get email's from JoAnn's and when they have 50% off sales, I order batting by the roll.  Granted, I have to come up with at least $150.00 at once, but then I have enough batting to last at least 5 years.  So much cheaper that way.  Those from the olden days had such great ideas.  I just gave a woman's shelter a bunch of old blankets. :-(  I could have used them after reading your post, but not really sad.  The woman's shelter really need them too.


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