Surely there are some newbies/oldies that need some help out there? How can we help?

Well I've been back for just a few weeks and have made a decision to try and make this site more active. So I am writing to all members asking how can we get more involved. With the aim to help out our fellow quilters out by answering some of the hard questions in quilting when we get stuck or have a need! Surely you guys have quilting issues, no matter what they are we are here to help everyone. I might no know a lot but I do know where there are some very knowledgeable persons who have also joined this group to help answer questions and also get questions answered! So let your questions rip.  Roll up roll up! Come to the newbies group.  I have asked some of these quilters many questions which have provided me with invalueble skills to be able to complete many of my projects. Without you this group would not exist. 

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Little sad no one wants any help! Oh well. 

I posted this elsewhere on the site but, I do need help,,,badly.i have gotten into the sashing part of a very large quilt which is the large one I have tried so far. And my problem is this, I tried VERY hard to get the cutting nag and seam allowances as good as I am able but now when sashing, there are still uneven edges some long, some short and I have tried to hide as much as I could in the seam allowance but some are just too big. I am thinking of trimming the blocks to get some even edges before I put it together. I did that for n one of the,smaller projects I was working on and not only did it not look anything like what I had planned but it was also a lot smaller than I had planned, I did make up for some of that by adding borders but just once I would like to find out where I am going wrong! I will greatly appreciate any advice 


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