Not all those who have joined the newbies group may know Quilterbridget who started this group she was one of the first people to welcome me to My Quilt Place,  and has become a friend.  Unfortunately she is struggling right now and I thought maybe she would need a pick me up so anyone interested in contributing a block to for a quilt as a get well project please sign up below.  I was thinking at first along the lines of hearts, but some may want to choose a block that expresses how they feel about Bridget.  So I don't know size yet until I have an idea how many would be interested in Contributing.  so far there are about 5 people that responded the message in the general discussion.  I was thinking to have the blocks mailed to me and then I will put them together and quilt them.  So I will need to come up with a deadline once we decide on size and numbers, then I can see if this will work or if we should go to a plan b.  

Ok ladies here it goes, is end of May enough time MAY 31 DEADLINE in the mail by or earlier.  Heart blocks here's an easy pieced method.  If you want more of a challenge applique or you can come up with your own heart or you can make a meaningfull block in any theme,  I'll make it all work.  SIZE: 12" blocks finished.  So send a 12 1/2" block.  COLOR: brights, on a white or white tone on tone, lately I'm liking the look of bright colors on a white background.  Not sure this is a good idea to put my address out here so publicly but mail to:  

Customs form make sure you put GIFT.  You can put a value on it but label it as gift.

So I realized that I don't have any measurements in this pictorial.  so for a 12" finished block.  You need two rectangles 12 1/2" by 6 1/2.  Next you need 4 top squares that should be 3 1/2, sewing diagonally as shown in picture.  the two bottom squares should be 6 1/2. sewn on the same way as the smaller top squares.  Hope this helps, the site I got this from has no measurements.  If it's easier please feel free to paper piece or applique etc...  I won't be upset if each block is different or the same, it's that it comes from the heart that matters!

I have recieved blocks from:


Janie Lewicki

Terri Jones

Riana Noyes

Carol Olson

Penny Waite 

Linda McClanahan

Briony Balala

Pat Strolger

Karen Pollard (2)

PJ Serge

Susan Sinks

Audrey Cleveland

Pat Mathison

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Riana I got your card today!  Thank you!  

While I am on MQP I would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas in case things get busy and I don't check in between now and then.

Merry Christmas to each and every one of you on MQP.  Enjoy the holidays!

Merry Christmas to everyone in MQP also. Lana my Christmas card was with my money. Have you received it yet? I'm kind of worried. It was a lot of money that I sent. Even though it was in your currency. It doesn't matter. It still money. The least they could have done was let the card thou. But this isn't the only thing I've lost from that day. So I know it's the post office. And they have inspectors at the office now.
Sorry PJ it hasn't arrived yet but I will post when it does. Lets assume the best and it still is on it's way.

Lana, you worked so hard on the Special Project for Bridget.  How is she doing?  Do you think she will take part in our discussions and information again?  I just had her on my mind; hoping she is much better.

I do know she got it and that she loved but have not heard from her! I do think of her and miss the way she could get a conversation going!


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