Hi all! I've always wanted to make a quilt and now I trying it! I ordered precut squares in candy them but now I'm not sure how to place them. I'm afraid it's going to look dull so any helpful hints or tips would be greatly appreciated.

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my suggestion would be to get on line and type in ''free simple quilt patterns''  or go to www.about.com/quilting . there you will find links to learn anything you want to know, even how to start you first quilt. there are tutorials to watch and everything. welcome to the world of quilting! you are about to get a huge boost of pride when you finish your first.:)

If you have painters tape and an old flannel sheet. You can tape the sheet to the wall then the fabric/squsres will stick to it if you just put it on the sheet. Arrange your blocks step back. See how you like it.

I agree with both suggestions also if there is a certain fabric designer you like go to their main web pages they often have links to free patterns, so does McCalls Quilting and Fons and Porter. I would make a design wall with a flannel sheet and arrange your fabrics to see how they will come together. When I find what I like I then take pictures of them so I have something visual to resort back to

Thanks everyone! I put up the flannel sheet and now I'm just playing around with designs!

a design wall is a quilters best friend, be sure to step back a few steps because it will look completely different than it does up close. such as ...if you have too many dark fabrics together or whatever, it will look like a dark ''spot'' on your quilt you may not see that up close but if you step back you will. :) u-tube also has some great quilting tutorials. education is a great tool!

Welcome to Newbie's Nikki, I hope your quilting journey will be a wonderful, exciting and full of surprises and especially when you finish your first quilt.

To offer this advice to your question I suggest that you visit Missouri Quilt Company and watch Jenny on U Tube.  It's all free.  She makes some wonderful quilts from pre cut packs-charm, and jelly rolls.  You can join U Tube which is free and you will then have the opportunity to watch the video's over and over again until you get it.  I'm sure you will get some hints and idea's from her which will help you finish your quilt off perfectly.

Of course if you don't find an answer to your problem then I suggest you go to your local quilt shop and ask for help there. They will certainly point you in the right direction. Then I'm sure your quilting life will be off in the right direction.  I wish you lots of happy quilting moments while on your journey.  I will look out for your quilt in the distance future. Certainly come back here and ask any questions because you will get a variety of answers back by many.  Happy quilting Julie Beard

So I went to the fabric store to buy a solid color for my quilt and ended up walking out with fabric for a now completely different quilt! Haha is this going to be a normal thing? Oh... And to top it off I discovered the joys of eBay and won fabric to make a rag quilt blanket for my dog. :)
ok....:)) .. gotta ask .. how does a person "win" stuff on ebay?

Hi Nikki,

Echoing Julies comments,  do go to You Tube and find Jenny Doan and Missouri Star Quilt Company, she is great...............as for going to the store for just one fabric.........you have just learned that there is no such thing as just one........welcome you are truly into quilting !!!!

Happy days and happier quilting.


I was bidding against people! And I won!! And I was up half the night watching you tube videos! Thanks for all the great tips!
Nikki, what size are your precuts? Are there different color families, or do they co-ordinate?. To start with,it's easiest just to use the squares
arranged in "blocks". Then sew the rows of blocks into rows.Next you sew the rows together,matching the seams. Press all the seam allowances one way for row #one and the opposite way for row #2.This way they "nest"when rows are sewn together.
Find a nice big piece of flannel ( the back of a plastic picnic tablecloth should do) and tape or fasten to either a wall, or piece of styrofoam( builders insulation).This acts as a design wall. You can arrange the blocks/pieces to suit yourself in terms of color balance before you sew them up.You can even use a digital camera to take pics. of different arrangements so you can compare the various options.


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