I haven't made a quilt in a couple of years.  I used to be on this site all the time, but then I went back to school and am having a hard time getting motivated to even start a project.  How do you get out of your dry spells?

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Welcome back, Bridget!

After working at building my drapery business for the first few years, l had so little time/energy left at days' end that l too gave up for several years.lt took my daughter's impending wedding to get things going again( a double wedding ring quilt was her choice of pattern, but l got to pick the fabrics). Then the next project was one inspired by a chance stop at a fabric shop...l fell in love with several fat quarters, and asked if they had yardage in those prints...after that l dusted off my books/mags. to find a pattern l could use them in ( lol, nothing like putting the cart before the horse!)That's how my all-time favorite, "Life in Autumn Woods"( see my photo page,first posting)was conceived.l machine pieces and hand quilted that one. lt hangs on my den wall.After that, l was on a roll. You can't force it...when you get inspired by a fabric, a pattern, or a special event, you'll get it together again. I think ,Bridget, you may have "burned out" with too many projects in a row. You just needed to give it a rest...glad you're back here.We missed you:)

Well,  I often have a problem getting started on a new project for myself when I have been finishing quilts for customers.  I have tw motivators.

1.  Watch any of the tutorials on Missouri Star Quilt Company and find one that lights your fire.

2.  If you don't want to have to go looking for a project, go on QuiltsForKids.org and request a kit.  You will receive a kit which has everything except the batting.  By the time you'ver finished the kit you will be ready to go into your stash and find fabrics to make a companion quilt.... then you will send both quilts back to QuiltsForKids and you will feel like hugging yourself.  By then of course, your mind will be reeling with ideas.  I hope you find that these ideas light your fire and you find yourself back into the marvelous joy of quilting.!

I would spend a little time on Pinterest.  There is so much inspiration available there, quilty and otherwise.

Oh my goodness. Bridget how in the world are you and your family?

I've been in a long, long dry spell too. I have Fibromynalgia and my husband has recently had 2 heart attacks, and 4 strokes and 2 seizures. So for the last 2 years it's been impossible to squeeze quilting in there. I have him at home with me and am trying to work on a race car quilt for my grand nephew.

So good to hear from you. I miss you so much.

Hugs, Julie

Oh good!  You're still here!  I'm so sorry about your husband!  He had  lots of medical things going on a few years ago and it sounds really major now.  Brian is fine...he graduated from college in 2014 and has been working as a mechanic.  He just put in his two week notice because he was offered a better job elsewhere.  Change always makes me nervous!  Especially when it comes to employment.  He's been praying about it for a few weeks now and decided to go for it. 

I'm still dealing with chronic pain...I have to go to yet another specialist in a few weeks.  I can't believe I've been living with this for nearly 15 years!  I've taken pain management classes and I see a shrink who specializes in chronic pain...and he gets it because he's one of us! 

Do you still live in the same house?  Ours is still falling apart!  There are a lot of major things wrong and at this time we can't do anything about any of it.  We can't afford to move.  I just try to be thankful for what we do have!


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