I generally don't do New Year's resolutions, but I do have ideas about what I want to do in my quilting year.  The top of my list is to get out of this dry spell!  During 2011 I made fewer quilts than in any other year.  My dry spell seems to coincide with my fabric diet.  Maybe buying fabric really does inspire me, so I guess I'll forget about the diet and resolve to buy more fabric!!!

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AMEN!!!  I agree with everything you said.  That's exactly what I've done too!    I'm in a couple of sewing groups and plan to work on a couple more.  It's easier to be friends with people who share our passion anyways!


It sure is easy to criticize.  The amazing thing of all?  Not one of those who were vocal stepped forward to volunteer to do the newsletter when I told them to take a flying leap; I was quitting.  No, they bamboozled another lady (poor thing) who had a horrible car accident several years ago, to do it.  She walks with a cane, her hands shake, she won't drive anymore and lives about 20 miles out of town.  Anywhere she goes, someone has to take her, and someone has to sit with her at the meeting and take notes because she shakes so badly.   To dump this responsibility on her is sinful.  Her nerves will not handle any criticism at all.  I truly feel for her. 

The second quilt guild I joined is in a smaller rural community. The ladies are so sweet and kind.  I believe the prestige and self-imposed pressure of being in a larger guild must make some behave that way.  I tried to figure it out and couldn't, so just needed to step away for awhile.  My feelings were deeply hurt, plus I was embarrassed.  Maybe someday I'll go back...just have to see.  I miss all the lovely people who are in that guild.  Some of the nicest people you'd ever meet.

That was originally true, but this past year's cotton crop was a bumper crop; no droughts or problems anywhere.  Cotton is plentiful.  Did the cost go down?  NOPE and it probably won't either.  That's why I look for sales and clearance online.  One after another of the online shops I used to buy from are going out of business. These fabric manufacturers had better take a good hard look at the failures.  If they don't pass on those savings down the line, there will be less and less fabric stores carrying good quality fabric due to the price.  In these economic times, people simply cannot afford $10 and up fabric.  It's ridiculous.

A side note:  Did you know the price of cotton was $29 a yard in the South during the Civil War.They had plenty of cotton, but all the textile industries were located in the North.

So... I'm looking at this , and wondering how we're doing with our New Years resolutions. Life sometimes throws us a curve and changes things. I know some of the quilters in the UFO group are making great progress! I personally have been adding new, more current goods to my stash while using up plenty of the "unlikeables' from my oldest inventory.It's amazing how the fabrics I purchased 20 yr. ago are now starting to " work" again with the newer ones. There was a while where nothing in my stash was suitable for a given project, and I'd buy all new.

Have you noticed any of your "old" stash seeming to resemble some of the newer fans out now? I have. Some time ago...last year? On a quilt shop foray w dh I pointed out to him some that I had at home...told him when I bought it...'course then had to explain...no...they discontinue after few months, so this is new ... And mine is OLD lollollol

No, but the colours do blend. These things go in cycles. ...but if avacado, gold, and brown appliances ever come out again, I'm NOT buying them!

Lollollollol!!! Me neither!

Ewwwwww..me either.  We put black appliances in and I'm already sorry I bought those.  Makes my kitchen so dark.  When something dies, it's going to become stainless steel, I'm thinking.

...white..by the time I sell this place it will be in vogue again ..& I hate!! cleaning the stainless appliances at dil house...little ..and some big..finger & hand marks, I just can't stand it. So no stainless in my house!!

'k.. Back out ..had my lunch..finish my day of spraying Mosquitos et al...

They make a stainless steel appliance now that doesn't show fingerprints.  I've had green, white, almond, and black.  Of those four I'd take black in a heartbeat because it doesn't show dirt or prints.  However, it does make your kitchen dark.  We have cherry cabinets and dark brown granite, so it's really dark!

...& when you have a 11 x 11 ft sq cave likei do...then black is really really too dark. But black I have even the microwave (I bought to match existing appliances)...and dunno what brands are printless, but dil last 2 homes had all new stuff...and my ~10 yr old stuff attracts finger prints & dh water drips when he sweetly rinses his dishes before placing in washer.

Hmmmmm...maybe I am just living on wrong planet.

Yah...that's probably it.

Karen, I read your November newsletter....it is fabulous and you did a great job putting it together!! You should be very proud of yourself!! Love the patterns etc, if you don't mind I would love to print it out for the patterns!!!


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