I generally don't do New Year's resolutions, but I do have ideas about what I want to do in my quilting year.  The top of my list is to get out of this dry spell!  During 2011 I made fewer quilts than in any other year.  My dry spell seems to coincide with my fabric diet.  Maybe buying fabric really does inspire me, so I guess I'll forget about the diet and resolve to buy more fabric!!!

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My New Year's quilting resolution is to actually finish a quilt! Ha!

I want to quilt more too! To fix my fabric problem, I decided to buy all my fabric on clearance!! That way I get my fix and great new fabric!

Hi Bridget, Happy New Year!  I have been making some doll clothes, for our 5 year old granddaughter...it looks like she is going to have a lot of new clothes for her dolls, seems like the more I get made, the more I need to do, if I make her a blouse, then have to add a pair of pants or a vest, or a skirt, or something!  This doll is going to be very well dressed!

Bridget, I think you are on to something!


Well, you'd better get busy, because everyone is marking fabric down before inventory so they don't have to pay taxes on it.  I'd be embarrassed to say how much I have bought in the past five days.  Plus rulers and a few new patterns. 

I was in a long dry spell last year.  I got my feelings seriously hurt at the quilt guild I belonged to.  I did the newsletter and worked very hard to make it perfect.  Plus, I don't handle critcism well.  If I could just convince myself that you can't please everyone, I'd be okay, but it still hurts.  I wish I could attach one for you to see.  I thought they were excellent.  10 pages of good informational material, tips, new products, recipes, activities and workshops in our guild, plus all in color.  We have 178 members, which is just too many pecking hens and not enough chickies!!!  LOL  I think I attached a couple, let me know if it comes through.


I am going to a store tomorrow they are having their year end sale!! Everything in the store is on sale!!!

Thanks for sharing the newsletters; I really enjoyed them!  You are so lucky to have a guild to belong to!!!  I've never been to one before.  Are you going to step back from doing the newsletters?  There are always going to be critical people and I think they're that way because they have a low self-esteem and it's more about them trying to build themselves up.  And with so many members there's bound to be a few people like that.

I'm glad you aren't in a dry spell any longer...I thought I was totally out of mine, but I guess I'm not.  Buying fabric used to be all it took to get me excited again, but it's not working.  That's why I'm painting fabric...something at least related to quilting!

Those newsletters are beautiful!

Thanks Susan!  I loved making them, just wish they had been appreciated a bit more!

Hi -

I'm a newbie quilter with a VERY small stash of fabric.  I have purchased a "lot" of fat quarters on ebay just to get me started.  I have used several FQs getting "reacquainted" with my machine, making small accessories for myself and my family.  At the beginning of March I purchased material while on vacation (supplemented by material bought at a LQS about an hour from my home) and have begun the first quilt on my journey as a newbie quilter.  You mentioned that everyone has their fabric marked down before year end inventory.  I have also heard that shops mark down in February.  Now I see that April is National Quilt Month.  Which "sale" has the best prices?  Or are they all marked down about the same?  Do you have any additional suggestions for building my "stash" on a budget?  Thank you.  Lin

One of my favorite places to shop is http://fabricshack.com/ They have a section called "Sale-a-bration" with LOTS of fabrics on sale.  Another place with good prices that several here like to shop at is http://www.connectingthreads.com/Quilting.cfm They have free shipping when you spend $50.

Just checked out your August newsletter - it is fantastic, so professional and attractively done -  how anyone can be critical is beyond me.  My only thought is they must be consumed by the green-eyed monster - jealousy.  They are  to be pitied.

You did a sterling job and should be proud of your achievements.

Now is the time to hold that head up high and carry on quilting.


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