My mini quilts have mainly been "artsy" types of quilts simply because I don't know how to go about piecing small quilts.  I usually design my own patterns for lap sized and larger quilts, but it seems to me that most miniature quilts are more detailed, and I'm not that great of a designer to be doing my own.  Where do you get patterns for mini quilts?  Or do you resize larger ones?  I'd like to try making one, but I'm not sure where to start!  It needs to be super easy, that's for sure!

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Bridget:  I started with two vintage paperback books by Gwen Marston.  Each has 10 to 12 ideas for blocks for little quilts.  Sometimes those books are on Amazon or Ebay.  Following those directions gave me confidence!


Otherwise, I look for simple blocks that have no triangles -- just squares and oblongs.  Those are pretty easy to mini-ize.  When I try to reduce a block, I figure out the finishes sizes of the components, reduce the finished sizes as I want to, then add the seam allowances back on to know how to cut the pieces.


Some folks think that a mini must be a very small copy of a regular size quilt, but I'm not that fussy.  I'm looking for a design that will let me do 9 to 12 small blocks, sewn together then bordered, which ends up smaller than 24" square.

I just went to Amazon and noticed that there are many books by Gwen Marston.  One of them is about making minature log cabin quilts; and I got really lucky and found one called, "Twenty Little Patchwork Quilts" used for 74cents.  Couldn't pass that one up!  Along with the "Twenty LIttle Amish Quilts" for $3.64. (I always buy my quiltbooks used on Amazon...they're always in better shape than described!).  I also didn't realize she was the one who has been writing those new "liberated quilting" books!

I'm pretty good making quilts with triangles, so long as they are no smaller than 2" finished (I use Thangles).  I think I'd struggle with any smaller than that.  There is a lady who makes quilts for the Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative that actually makes minaturized quilts...they are all 9"x12" or smaller.  Here's a link to her amazing page:  if you click on the quilt you can see a larger version of it; and they are truly amazing!  I do want to make mini quilts, but certainly not that incredibly detailed!

Thanks for the book info!


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