I just bought a Pfaff Creative 2 a few weeks ago to replace my older Pfaff quilter. I love this machine! Pfaff has the IDT (built in walking foot) and this model has a 10" opening to make it easier to do the quilting. I love to do free motion quilting, and this machine has been great for that - very easy. I don't have to struggle the way I used to, and the tension is easy to adjust when I need to. Most of the time the tension setting is just right. I understand that this model is no longer in production, but I'm sure the ones they're making now are even better. I'm quite satisfied with this one, and at some point, if I want to, I can buy an embroidery unit to put on it.

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Hi Lori,

I'm a sit-down quilter who tried a HandiQuilter on a frame and just could not work good enough with it. My back bothered me all the time I quilted on it. Finished 2 full size quilts and sold it.  I use my Juki TL-2010 at home and a Juki TL-98Q at the sewing shop along with a TinLizzie Sit-Down quilter.  I've never had a problem quilting a large quilt on my Juki that has about a 9" harp.  The Jukis only straight stitch and they do it very well. The Juki TL-98Q is my favorite, maybe because the newer Juki just isn't broken in yet.  Of course, the TinLizzie makes quilting a large quilt a breeze.

Ada, may I ask how large of a quilt you've done with the Juki & 9" harp? I have a Hinterberg stretch frame w/10' poles & 2 Singer domestics... looking for new domestic & would love a midarm, but can't spend that kind of $ right now... Juki might be just the ticket to get me by for the next yr. Right now the frame is a catchall....


Danielle, instead of spending the money on an interim machine, why not save and get the one you really want? HandiQuilter, APQS and Gammill all have "mid-arm" machines.

I very well may, I have to start "researching"...Again...But I do want a new machine w/knee lifter, thread trimmer, up/down, etc options, which neither of mine do. But they suffice for my piecing, just not mq. I keep all options open for now

I use both a Viking SE and a Bernina Record 830.  I enjoy both machines.

Have to post update.  I found a woman on Craig's List who was moving & selling 2 of her machines. On 8/11. I purchased her brand new, never set up Viking/Husqvana Mega Quilter, her Husqvana Freesia 415, & she threw in 10 skeins of Noro wool/silk yarn (retail $20ea). I got everything for less $1K & I'm very pleased!! I've played with both. I've made 2 skirts w/Rayon Batik and pieced a throw size twister top & completed the lil tester twister w/the Freesia. I love the machine. Now I'll use the mega quilter on throw top~once I decide how to quilt it.

I have several singer machines that I have collected over the years.Singers are great machines. I have a Janome memory craft embroidery machine and I also have a mid arm Janome its agreat machine but I wanted more room to play I now have a LA sit down 18" Tin Lizzie. I love quilting on my sit down TinLizzie. Last winter I found a lady on craigs list selling her king size metal frame for 300.00 I bought it and I have my mid arm Janme machine sitting on this frame. It has a stitch regulator and sews beautifully but I don't like quilting on a frame. I'm better at pushing the fabric then I am moving the machine. I've have not played on the frame much just alittle doodling. When you are comfortable quilting a certain way its hard to change what you like. I think everyone has there own preference and fit. I have to say I love my Janomes and when I sat down to the TinLizzie I felt comfortable right off the bat. If you are ever looking to buy a Long Arm. my advice would be go to a quilt show and sit down and play on all the Long arms. If you are undecided you can always go back and forth on the machines till you know whats right for you. There are alot of great machines out on the market.

Kathy, I agree completely! There's no way I could ever go back to quilting on a domestic machine; I've been on a longarm for 12 years now. If you want to get more comfortable on the stand-up machine, put on some music and dance. Just move with it, and remember to breathe and blink.


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