I just bought a Pfaff Creative 2 a few weeks ago to replace my older Pfaff quilter. I love this machine! Pfaff has the IDT (built in walking foot) and this model has a 10" opening to make it easier to do the quilting. I love to do free motion quilting, and this machine has been great for that - very easy. I don't have to struggle the way I used to, and the tension is easy to adjust when I need to. Most of the time the tension setting is just right. I understand that this model is no longer in production, but I'm sure the ones they're making now are even better. I'm quite satisfied with this one, and at some point, if I want to, I can buy an embroidery unit to put on it.

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I have an old Singer from the 80s, it was a school model. I also have a Viking Freesia 415, which I love, and a BabyLock Quest. For quilting, which I do as a business, I have a Gammill.

Hi Eileen,

My dream is to have a long arm so I can do quilting professionally. I would be happy with a manual long arm, but even that,it's a matter of space and dollars. For now I'm making baby quilts and trying to find a sales niche. My son, who does web design professionally is getting me set up for a website. Do you do well at quilting professionally?


Hi Lori,

I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to take so long to answer!

I'm able to have my business because my husband is the main breadwinner. There are a lot of us out there; you're right in trying to find a niche.

Hi Marilyn,

My best friend has a Sapphire, but she doesn't have time to do much with it, much to her dismay. I consider myself to be on the low side of intermediate in quilting. There's still a lot I have to learn and techniques that I haven't tried, but I love it so much that I HAVE to quilt. I've made all kinds of quilts as gifts, and it's gotten to the point that my family now wonders if they're getting yet another quilt for Christmas. I'm sure they like them, but I'm not so sure they want a ouseful of them. Since I really don't have anyone to make them for,I decided to try to sell them.That way I still get to do what I love, and someone else pays for the materials and at least a little of the labor. I've sold a few, but it's hard to know how to market them. Eventually I'd love to be able to do the longarm quilting for those who make the quilt tops, but don't want to quilt them themselves.  I find joy in every stitch, and every pattern and every piece of material, whether I make them for someone in particular, or sell them. Thanks for replying. (Actually I thought my original post was in reply to someone else's. But I guess I didn't do it right, but that's OK. I enjoyed hearing from people!)

Hi Lori & Marilyn...I also have a Viking-Sapphire and I love it.  The throat is large enough for free motion quilting (11") and I don't believe I will outgrow the machine anytime soon.  I too consider myself an intermediate quilter.    It has wonderful stitches for machine applique and everything I need.  That's not to say that I wouldn't purchase a newer one, but it would be hard to justify.  I had a business a few years ago, I made memory quilts, but I also found that it took the fun out of quilting.  It was more like work.  Now I just do it for my enjoyment.

Hi Janie,

Which Sapphire do you have? I've been drooling over the 855 and 875 for some time now. I have to sell another machine first, though.

Hi Eileen...I have the 870 Quilter.  I would recommend it to anyone, the price is right and it does all I need.  I purchased mine when they first came out and I haven't had any trouble with it since.  I also purchased the Fab-u-motion quilting device with it, but I don't use that much.  I prefer to just free motion the good old fashioned way.  I hope all this positive talk about my viking doesn't jinks me, I better knock on wood.  I also have a singer Featherweight, which my husband bought me for Christmas a few years ago.  I don't use it much either.  I am just stuck on my Sapphire 870,  LOVE IT !!!

I have a singer that needs replacing with another singer (9960 quantum stylist)  that I will be getting in a couple of weeks.  My current machine works well with lite projects but struggles with thicker.  It was a real struggle when I made a rag quilt. It will also be nice to show kids how to sew things with 2 in the house so I can do mine and they can learn on the other which is very simple to use to learn on.

That would be fun to teach the kids how to sew.  It is slowly becoming a lost art and I find that a shame.

I have a Singer, please don't giggle too much, sewing machine. It seems everyone else has a Pfaff, or BabyLock, or Bernina or..... maybe someday. Until then I muddle through with my little Singer.

I have a Singer and a Baby Lock. Both are just domestic sewing machines and I love them. Hope to someday have a Janome Horizon.

I have 2 Singers,,, one is 25+yrs old & I just got it back up & running Sunday evening (needed new bobbin case & I discovered I had connected the incorrect pedal to it~explains alot of the motor issue). The 2nd Singer, it's been a matter of discussion of late, is I believe, 6-8 yrs old now. Nothing real fancy. Would love a fancier machine & long arm...but these are running well and I manage most of my "wants" with them. They each done alot of sewing over the years.


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