I just bought a Juki with a New Joy Frame and a Grace Stitch Regulator.  I'm having a terrible time with the top thread breaking.  I've tried everything I can think of, but after about 30 seconds of stitching I have thread fraying and then breakage.  Anyone know how to troubleshoot this?  Thanks.

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I don't own this machine, but what solutions have u tried? if you give more info you may be able to get a solution faster.

what thread are u using? what r u quilting? what is the backing? what is the batting? what needle is in the machine? All of those will affect how thread behaves.

I've tried rethreading, using different thread, different needles, changing the pressure foot level, changing the level of the quilt on the frame, using different speeds, putting a little piece of tape on the thread guide where the fraying seems to be occuring, contacting Juki and following their optimum directions for what I am doing.  At the moment I'm using Signature 100 percent cotton machine quilting thread with a Schmetz Top Stitching size 18 needle.  I'm practicing on a sandwich made of a muslin top, 80/20 cotton/poly batting, and ugly 100 percent cotton backing.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.  I'll try anything.  It's probably something super simple that I'm overlooking.  Thanks so much for any help.

Jennifer, Hi to you.  Have you found a solution to this problem yet????  I know it's a bit old now but I think you should consider two things. Firstly, what was your bobbin thread possibly trying a lighter thread and also go and buy a packet of Superior Titanium Needles variation packet so you can try a number of different sizes. Because I am sure you won't be disappointed and superior might just solve your problem.  Julie Beard 

Jennifer sorry I didn't read the whole page of comments because you solved your problem some how!  Great one.  However, Jennifer try out the Superior needles. They are great and they last heaps longer than Schmeltz.  You should be changing an old needle after eight hours of sewing with Schmetlz. Superior you can leave your needle for up to 30 -35 hours of sewing, the minute the needle starts making a popping sound its time for a change! What have you got to lose.  Plus you will see bettter quality stitches as well.  I now only buy superior needles and mostly their thread too, but I also have a strong liking for Aurifil Threads.  Italian 100% cotton differing thickness and brilliant colours.  I love the quality and look.  Can't go wrong with fantastic needles and threads with all that hard work can you.  Julie Beard.

Hello Julie,  

I did solve the problem & have been stitching smoothly through many quilts now.  I have been wanting to try the Superior brand needles, though.  I've heard they are really great.  I love their thread.

Have a super day!

I have this machine but haven't had any trouble. Is the thread guide raised all the way up? Also check to see if it's threaded correctly. The threading is a bit different than my Bernina and Singers.

Do you mean the thread guide where the thread first goes through?  I have checked and rethreaded the machine many, many, times. I've replaced the bobbin.  I've tried different threads, different needles, different pressure foot levels, changing the level of the machine with the frame & quilt sandwich.  I've contacted Juki and followed their suggestions, too.

Have you tried a size 12 or 14 needle?

14, but not a 12.  I don't think I have one at the moment.

what kind of thread do you have in the machine? that may be a problem. Try a different spool, different type. 

Lastly do a tension check. your bobbin tension should be tight enough so that if you lay the bobbin sideways in your palm and pull up on the thread, it should just pull up to stand on your palm...not lift off and not stay flat. Once that is adjusted try adjusting the tension on your needle so that the thread pulls the bobbin loop to the top of the quilt so you can see it, and then slack it off so you can't. at that point the threads should be interlocking right in the batting, just beneath the surface of the quilt top. there is a video on youtube where Jamie Whallen explains that - but that little trick was all i needed to get my thread behaving right on my longarm.

My machine loves prescentia thread and also bottom line. If you are desperate, even though we have different machines, try those suggestions. good luck. I feel ur pain!

Thanks!  I have tried several different threads, but no difference.  I'm going to try the tension check.  I have fooled a little bit with the tension, too, but I didn't know about how to do a check like that.  I'll try that tonight.  Have a super day!

Jennifer just thought of something else is the flat part of the needle facing the right?


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