I teach fmq quilting when in Fla. and my students there have asked me to teach quilting with rulers on domestic machine. You all know l successfully use rulers on my midarm in a frame...so , l figured... " how hard can it be?" Well! Let me tell you, it's quite a different experience altogether ! The teacher is learning first...l borrowed a large collection of Westalee rulers for low shank machine from a fellow quilter here in Canada, and have been amassing a large amount of samples. My creedo here is teaching...so there are no " redoes". My first effort , warts and all , are what my students will see. This will spur discussion on what can be done to improve, enhance, and what " not" to do....plenty of opportunity there, let me tell you,lol. As l work through the collection, my own skill with these is gradually improving, as well it should. Before my students go online and buy dozens of useless product, they will first see what ruler or template will be usefull for their needs. Not everyone likes the same style...and rulers are VERY expensive.

So here's the discussion...what would YOU like to learn if you were my student?. What problems did YOU encounter...and, hopefully solve, and how? What can we share as a group? Pictures are most welcome. Let's see your successes and failures.

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Some first attempts.

Playing around...and trying out some ideas on paper.

Callie, there are 4.5mm rulers made by Westalee that would fit behind your foot. Their 3mm ones likely not a good idea  as l believe your foot hops.


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