Has  any of you tried a "Quilt as you Go" technique?  If so, which one and how did it work for you?

I have used Marti Michell " Machine Quilting in Section " and I love it.


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I haven't tried that yet.  The only method I've seen is something by Betty Cotton where she makes quilts in sections and seams them together so they can be reversible.  In my opinion all quilts are reversible!  I have never seen that book by Marti Mitchell, but I'm going to read about it on Amazon (I buy all of my quilting books used on Amazon).  Sometimes I really want to make a quilt for our king size bed, but the thought of quilting it keeps me from even starting.  I have a hard enough time quilting a queen size!

Have you finished any quilts using Marti's method?

Yes I have used a technique described in Marti Mitchell's book, she discusses several. The picture I posted in in the original discussion is one section of a king sized quilt I made for my husband, a black, white and red Log Cabin. You can see the finished quilt on My Page. I have two of Betty Cotton's books but haven't tried her method yet.
I would like to try this method, but haven't yet. I do have one book about it, not sure how good the directions are, though. I think Amazon is a good place to get books.
Margeritta McMannis have a book called "Crazy Shortcut Quilts" where she quilts as you go then piece together. I have not tried it yet either but plan on some day buying the book and trying it. It looks super easy to do.
I have not seen the book by Marti, but I looked through some of the books I had on my quilt book shelf and found a technique that seems to be working quite fine for the Baltimore Country Cousins quilt that I am in the middle of right now.  This is my first hand applique and hand quilted project.  I thought a QAYG technique would make the hand quilting a little easier to do in smaller sections.  Well right now all 12 blocks have been completed, including the quilting and I have joined these 12 blocks using this Quilt-As-You-Go technique.  I'm really loving how this is working, and I would definitely use this method again.  I have the four borders finished with the hand applique and working on getting the quilting done so that I can attach these borders using the same technique.


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