There are a lot of embroidery machines being used by quilters.  How many used them in creating of an entire quilt? 


I have now made 3 quilts using the embroidery in the blocks and quilted 4 that come to the top of my head at the moment using the embroidery feature with a specific CD to finish the quilt.  I have 2 others in the wings waiting to be made on my machine, it is all about the time......wish I had another embroidery machine at home to work on....mine stays at the shop as that is where I hang out the most.....


I will post the ones that I used my machine to quilt or embroider on once my large computer gets back from the repair shop.... :( that is where all my pictures are....


All ready on my page:

"Hop to it!" embroidered on the Babylock ellegeo plus

Gammelon embroidered using off set circles on the Ellegeo Plus.  The quilting went fast an looks really nice.  It is the dark green quilt with the medallions on it.

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Very pretty what are the sizes of your embroidery blocks?
Lynda, that quilt is going to be gorgeous when it is finished!

Lynda, My quilting had started to take on the direction of doing embroidery and piecing combined.  Still sorting the direction as I only just come to this conclusion in the past 2 weeks.  I will post pictures once the tops are assembled and then the final quilt once it is quilted. 


I am also exploring embroidery using a long arm and am very intrigued by the process, it would let the artist in me come mother was a professional artist her specialty was oil.

Everywhere!  Right now I have a crazy block being embroidered on my Futura CE-150.  All the other blocks had a center motif sewn in...this one didn' I'm adding a gold flower in the center.

I embroider my labels, I add decorative stitching..and also make embroidered blocks (by hand and machine).


Hi Marian,  I also love how embrooidery looks on a quilt.  It really adds a lot of dimension to it.  Have you seen the publication out about machine embroidered quilts?  I haven't seen it for some time now.  I would love to subscibe to it.  I think it is called Machine embroided quilts.  I don't remeber who put the magazine out.  Wish I knew.  I have a Designer 1 which I haven't used in sometime because my new computer doesn't accept the software.  Guess I will break down and purchase a new sotware for my machine.  I really miss embroidering. 


I did Jenny Haskins quilt The Clour Purple that went to Paducah about 10 years ago.  That was all embroidered I have it on My quilt

page.  Take a look I was really proud of it.


Ruth Weir 

Ruth are you talking about "Designs in Machine Embroidery"?  They have a website also which I visit all the time.  It is more then just quilting.  I will look at your quilt I love looking at other peoples work.

Hi Marian,


I am not sure if that is the magazine but I will definitely look it up.  If you go to my site I guess you have to click on view all quilts to view the one I had in Paducah.



Actually machine embroidery is how I got back into quilting.  I bought my Viking D1 as my retirement gift to myself and have loved doing embroidery; but realistically how much stuff can you actually embroider and use.  :-)  The quilting just kept calling me - I quilted back in the 1980's and loved it... life just sort of got in the way and I stopped.  Now I love designing quilts using EQ7 that will used embroidery in some of the blocks.  I have one posted in my photos so far and will add more as I get time.  I do all my own work, design, embroidery, piecing and quilting.  I don't digitize the embroideries... those I buy.
I am doing a rag quilt with a dragonfly embroidered on all the very dark plain squares that pulls the colours from the blue/green in the quilt.
There is so much you can do with embroidery in quilting, it's just amazing!  This is the first thing I ever embroidered, which has become my first show quilt.  It has ribboned at both shows it's appeared at.  It was supposed to be going on display at Bernina University in two weeks, but I had to withdraw it as it was accepted to the Milwaukee Machine Quilters Show.  It will also be at the AQS Des Moines show in October!

WOW! That is gorgeous!

I've made several Hoopsister's "embroidered in the hoop" quilts and love them.  The last one, Crazy Compass, which I'm just finishing has 36 8" blocks and took forever and over 900,000 stitches.  I got really tired of hearing the machine go on and on and on.  I made that one with one fabric and one thread, so I didn't have the fun of stopping to change fabrics.  I thought I'd like that, but now I think I want the challenge of picking and changing fabrics.


I will post a picture when it's done - it's an amazing quilt.


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