I purchased a babylock Elegeo Plus about 10 months ago and LOVE it. I am finding I am getting limited by the size of the hoop. Is anyone else experiencing this issue.

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I have two. Started with a Brother SE270D (Disney) that I got at Walmart (love it for sewing..self threading, thread cutter, nice!).

I bought a Singer Futura CE-150 two years ago on ebay..it's been a great machine, and I love the software bundle that came with.


I just bought a Brother PE770 and can't wait to try it out. Hoping to learn a lot about machine embroidery through this forum.
I just got the same machine I have not tried the Embroidery with it yet I need to I got the up put in it also Happy
any tips would be great Happy

Take an owners class from your dealer that you purchased your machine from you will learn a lot.  I actually am teaching the classes for the babylock at our shop as I have more experience with the machine now then the Liz.

Learn about stabilizers and use them.  I didn't when I started, then I was in the shop alone the day I had time to play with my machine.  You will find all kinds out there.  The only time I don't use a stabilizer is when I have 2 layers of batting and material.  My favorite metalic thread is Marathon thread, it does not break as easily. 

I do find some batting and metallic threads do not play well together.  If your thread is breaking a lot flip the spool over that resolves the issue most of the time.  My embroidery machine likes to have the thread coming off the back from the bottom.  It all depends on the twist of the thread.


I embroider and do my piecing (actually all my sewing) on a Viking Designer 1.  I love it.  I keep looking at the larger hoop machines like the Viking Diamond, but ask myself how much would I actually use that big hoop??  Probably not too often.  I do my quilting on a computerized long-arm so I don't need a hoop for quilting.


I have a picture of one of my quilts with embroidery in my photos.

I had owned a Viking Designer Diamond and it was wonderful.  I lost my job and had to sell it.  It was a very sad day.  However the diamond did have some larger hoops.  They are awesome.  Might want to look into that, if you want larger hooping area.  Like I said...I loved mine.  It could do so much.  I had the full package, though with all the 4D software.  I hope this helps you.

I do most of my embroidery on a Viking Designer I. I just love the machine.  It has a USB upgrade, but is still rather slow, which is the only drawback.

I also have a Brother NV6000D Quattro, that I LOVE.  It's the best damn top of the line embroidery machine on the market!  Not even kidding.  The most user friendly machine, with so many bells and whistles (really? a camera and scanner?!) and an 8" sewing field.

I also have a Brother PR-650 multi-needle machine that unfortunately doesn't get used very much!

I just bought a Janome 11000 SE and went to the first class today.   My I have lots to learn,lol.

Marian I found the same with my machine that the hoops are not big enough. I did find this though it's on dzgns.com it is called perfect alignment laser and perfect alignment software bundle for $129.99. I was thinking about getting that, but first I'm going to the dealer to see if they can show me if there is a way to align things first. I have a Brother 6000D and I've had it for a few years now. I do like it though and there are newer machines, a brother and a Janome that just came out but I think they are like $11,000 and I sure don't want to spend that kind of money on them!

The top of the line babylock has a camera which makes for easy alignment and will even sew curved seams, now that is a cool thing.  How did you make out of getting things aligned better? 

Hello I am new to group. 

I have a JANOME 350E.  Lots of great features, but would love to see more!  This is a great machine to start up with, looking into buying a 10 or 15 needle machine next. 


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