I was wondering if anyone has some suggestions or tips for using rulers. I am teaching myself with trial and error. I am thinking about taking a craftsy class but not sure which one. I bought a used Gammill premier plus w stitch regulator last March and have quilted 10 charity quilts so far and a few of my quilts. I bought Jamie Wallens curved ruler but haven't tried it yet. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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Thanks Kay I will look on Cindy's site. I have been on utube for all my longarm questions and have watched Jamie. In fact I met him in Grand Rapids and would love to take a class from him.

Kimmy Brunner has a good class at craftsy. Lots of videos out on the web. QNNV has a great series call Stitch It.

Thank you, I haven't heard about Qnnv

oops, make that QNNTV -  I got it through a membership to Quilters Club of America.


Just make sure you have a proper ruler foot, and that the foot & needle height are set up correctly for your make/model.

I would caution you against going hog wild with rulers and acrylic templates.  I have bought quite a few (early on in my experience with my Gammill).  I very seldom use any of them except for a ten to twelve inche straight edge, an oval (about 8 to 10 inches on the longer diameter) and a small circle about 3 inches in diameter.  The rest are just gathering dust.

Georgia, one person's items gathering dust might be another's "gold dust"...why not sell them or trade for something more usefull:)

I love ruler work and have many rulers - almost as addictive as fabric and thread and . . .   :)  It just takes practice to get used to how much pressure to put on the template.  I find a light touch works best - just enough to keep it in place.  If you press down too much it will be difficult to move your machine.  Also I use small squares of skateboard tape on the backs of my rulers to keep them from moving.   It is like a clear sandpaper that is sticky on one side - easy to attach and remove.  

When quilting move slowly and keep moving the hand holding the ruler so it's always close to the needle.  At first you may need to stop stitching each time to move your hand but now I just do it without even thinking about it.  I would recommend Kimmy's class also - she has some great ideas to share,

Thanks for the info Peg, I am getting better at rulers but still need more practice. Your quilts look beautiful! I just finished piecing a quilt for my daughter. It turned out so nice, I am very happy with it. I put it on the longarm and was going to do custom work on it but chickened out. I did one row of a pantograph and absolutely hate it. I have started picking it out and have decided I might as well try using my rulers and doing some ruler and free motion quilting. Wish me luck!
Happy quilting to you.

Good luck Diane.  I bet it will be beautiful!  Isn't it funny how some quilts just tell you what they need?

Looking at these older posts and learning a lot. Thanks for the tips!

I also love ruler, but here in the UK it is difficult to find them. It is for this reason that I am producing my own, with a variety of different shapes and sizes.  As soon as they are available I will let you all know, and of course they will be available on my website www.capricornquilting.co.uk just as soon as it has had it's professional facelift and a shop attached to it.  

If you are struggling to keep them still you can get what look like clear rubber washers that fit on the back and grip the fabric.  Some people use the sort that has a very fine sandpaper on them that grips the fabric, but be careful of these, as they can rub certain fabrics like silk etc.


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