Hi Longarmers!  My LA group wants to know..How do you send a quilt top home with a customer, wrap it hang it fold it bag it or what???  I think this has potential for a lot of humor, and am surprised someone brought it up at the last meeting, but it seems like a good topic.  I send mine out in a rope handled blue bag with my logo sticker on it, and sometimes the blue bag comes back with another quilt top in it!  Go green recycle.  So what is your method?


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I always give my first time customers a bag that has my business name embroidered on it. Either a hanging bag or a tote. I get them through Virginia Longarm. About half of my customers remember to bring the bag back with there next quilt, so I send their quilts back in whatever they came in.

I'm still using clear garbage bags-believe it or not, they come back with another quilt in them.

Same here.

I have large white rope handled bags and if I have a very large quilt that won't fit into the white bag, I get bags from the dry cleaners they are pretty inexpensive and great here in the wet Oregon winters. 

First I return it in whatever way they gave it to me.  In the bag they provide, hangar, etc.  If not, I have some plastic bags that I fold the quilt and left over fabric in for the customer.  Have gotten those back with another quilt in them too. 

Thanks ya'all!  Magic bags!  They disappear and reappear with quilts in them.......although sometimes I am tempted to use the wrap it method.......around the customers neck.......especially if they are a "PITA" (:/  Thats short for Pain in the A....Thanks Julia for the Virginia Longarm reference, I will look into this for our group members so they can find it online and get their very own magic bags <grin> 

Here is the link for the bags, I embroider my business name on them to make them special.

Thanks for the link Julia!  I will share it with the group. They will appreciate it!

The bags I found on the website are beautiful, but not exactly something I would give away at that price - maybe I'm looking in the wrong place!

I send them home in h-u-g-e zip lock bags - but now that you mention it... the next one will go home with my business card/label on that bag!

I purchase those plastic totes from JoAnns, on sale their 1.00 each and I don't have to worry if my customer forget to reuse them at that price. I tried offering  discount if they returned their bags but that didn t work, still forgot them <G>. So the simple plastic ones work for me.


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