I love Jelly Rolls!  I mean they are color coordinated, pre-cut and ready to go ....who wouldn't love 'em.  But like all cotton fabrics they have become quite pricey...and my local quilt shops don't carry much of a selection.  So, I thought let's share where everyone gets their Jelly Rolls. (I chose red to get attention! ha)  Love the hear from everyone.

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I normally get my jelly rolls from local quilt shop. And I try to catch them on sale.

Try Discountsewingsupply.com They make small jelly rolls, like 20 strips and will even make them to order.

I normally search quiltshops.com and compare prices that way when I'm looking for a specific one.  Other than that, fatquartershop.com has a great selection, ships same day....I just love that site.  Jellyrolls2go.com has a great selection of both new and older collections...but they're kind of pricey, especially if they're rare, I've noticed the price goes higher.  Jellyrollfabric.net has rolls for specific colorways, not just collections...I think they may be homemade (or at least some of them). 

Hi Mary,

Have you ever bought from Jellyrollfabric.net? I checked out their website and they seem to have pretty good prices, but I wander about the quality of fabric.

Darla Gillihan... I just saw your post and checked out the Jellyrollfabric.net site...wow...you aren't kidding when you say they have pretty good prices!  I guess it wouldn't hurt to buy one and see the quality of the fabric for oneself just once, then go from there for future purchases.  I will definitely give them a shot at least once, considering it's around a 50% or more savings from the prices I normally pay for a jellyroll!

Agreed Gina Koston.  The prices are among some of the best I've seen.  It would definitely be worth a shot to just buy one and see for myself.  Nice to meet you, by the way!

I get most of my precuts from Green Fairy Quilts online. (I'm addicted to Moda precuts :).) Most US quilt shops list layer cakes and jelly rolls at $39 regular price, but I always wait for sales and buy them at $27 a piece. I'm from Canada, and the LQS around here all charge $56 or more per jelly roll or layer cake. So even with shipping and what have you, I'm still better off buying online from the US! Sad but true.

I also scan ebay, and can often score a jelly roll for $20 - $25. If you watch the clearance section at Clotilde, they frequently have a few precuts for a good price. Good luck!

I buy most of mine from Ebay.Can get some good deals on the moda jelly rolls.


i go on www.thefind.com  and then type in jelly roll strips in search bar. u can then set it to find the lowest price and it comes up with some really good prices on them

I get a Jelly Roll shipped to me once a month via the Fat Quarter Shop's Moda Jelly Roll Club.

It costs me $33.50 for a Jelly Roll, and $6.75 for shipping.  So it's a total of $40.25/month for me.  I haven't been disappointed in the fabric themes and colors of any Jelly Roll I've received thus far...I just joined the club last spring.  IDK if that's pricey or not, as I've never shopped around for Jelly Roll prices before.  

But that's how and where I get mine from!

It's not a great selection but my local Joann's (http://www.joann.com/) has just started carrying smaller jelly rolls regularly priced at $11-15/roll. With their regular 40% off coupon, it's hard not to buy one every time I pop in. Right now they've got batiks, textures, solids, and various prints. You can also order them on-line.

The batik rolls come in 2.5" x 22" strips with 20 strips in a roll with 2 each of 10 different colors/patterns.

I buy most of my fabrics from www.missouriquiltco.com.  They have a daily deal on charm packs, layer cakes, jelly rolls and templates.  Love this store!  Huge selection of pre-cut fabrics.  I recently bought "The Lorax" jelly roll for $22 + $5 flat shipping.  Of course, I always take advantage of the flat rate shipping and add a few other items I usually can't live without.


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