I am working on a "Keyhole" jelly roll quilt, it is fast and easy, I find most of these quilts mindless, which is good. Most of my day is spent in  front of a computer, when I get home I want to look at color and my sewing machine. I think the 1/4" foot is a must and I don't understand why quilters don't want to invest in it?


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Beautiful quilts.

These are both very pretty.  Love the color combinations.  Guess I better get busy with the jelly rolls hidden under the spare bed LOL

now that's funny , ''said the woman with about 30 of them in her closet" lol

Ok, I like these two.  I see you did make them awhile ago.  Which book did you say they were from again?  I especially like the second one

Wow, I like these. I have 4 jelly rolls hiding under the bed, guess I should pull them out.

Hello. I am new to thus group and am getting ready to make my first jelly roll quilt from a basic strip swap so it will be scrappy.  Any suggestions on where you get your most favorite patterns for jelly roll quilts.  I am a long-term quilter so don't have much time to piece.  Everyone' s quilts are so pretty that I have viewed.

I have the book two for one jelly roll quilts. plus a couple others. they are small but nice.

I'm going to do a rainbow pinwheel quilt incorporating 3 different batik jelly rolls. Batik jelly rolls are a serious weakness of mine! :-)

I am going to be doing a classic sampler this summer as a sample for a class I hope to be teaching next school year for Older Girl Scouts. I am excited. 

Here's my first ever Jelly Roll Race Quilt...made it in 2014.  I used a Moda Jelly Roll that was Christmas/Holiday themed.  This quilt was given as a wedding gift to friends of my parents.

Hexagon Garden Quilt - Another quilt I made from a Moda Jelly Roll in 2014...and this one too was given as a wedding gift!  (To my boyfriend's niece & her husband).  And unfortunately, I couldn't get those annoying fold creases out of it because it sat folded in a storage tote too long! :(

Those are the only two jelly roll quilts I've made so far.  I have some jelly rolls in my stash that I really want to use, but I have way too many projects going on at one time and I need to finish what's already on the table and in the UFO pile before starting anything new again.
Does anyone else have photos to share of your jelly roll projects?  I love "show & tell"!


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