Everyone is inspired by certain quilts from various time periods, but some eras really pop out to some. What time period do you look to or are inspired by?


 I have to say I look to 1940s quilts. Especially patriotic ones made during World War 2. They are all filled with so much heart that it is hard not to feel it yourself.

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Hi, Mariah,  I am most inspired by the oldest existing American quilts, 1840-60.  I was just in Shipshewanna, IN where I saw Kaye England's collection of quilts.  She has two that are old enough to have Hewson prints in them;  one is a center panel, and one is pieced into the scrap quilt.  I love these and am inspired to do strippy and medallion quilts from the pre-Civil War reproduction fabrics, although I do mix in  later ones to get color variety.  Life is too short to be perfectly correct.  When I started making these old-looking quilts, I pieced and quilted for show, but I have decided, again, that life is too short to be "perfect", so I am now just doing my best.  It is so much more relaxing.  I have a primitively designed 9-block red and green applique in process now, with borders to go before quilting. I'll try to attach a pic.  Thanks for your blog; I hope other historic quilters will write.  Diana

Hello!  This is my first post ever at this site!


I am inspired by the American Rev. and Civil war eras.  Not really sure why that is.  The family joke is that I was born in the wrong era!  If it is old and smells of history, then it is for me!

I know exactly what you mean. I feel like I don't belong in this time all the time.

Oh thank goodness there are others out there that think the same thing!!  lol  I swear I think I am a bit loopy sometimes!

We'll my interest goes further back then most of you - I am inspired by medieval quilting!  Yes, they did it both for warmth and to add extra padding for soldiers under their chain mail!


I am a maker of art quilts but really appreciate the traditional quilts from early america and the amish.  I also have an interest in Welsh quilting.  So, I guess I am all over the place when it comes to quilting periods and my interests.



Hi - I'm new to this group but am especially interested in history and quilt history. I find that I 30s fabrics are my favorites so I would have to say those are probably my favorites quilts. Add to that, my grandmother, whom I never knew, left a couple of quilts that we eventually wore out. They were Grandmother's Flower Gardens. I loved them.

But I also wanted to add that I have been researching early America (early 1600s) and was surprised to find that early settlers wore quilted garments to help protect them from attacks by such things as arrows, etc. I hadn't realized that before.


My special interest is the tradition of wholecloth quilts in the British Quilt history (Welsh and North Country/Durham Quilts), mainly of the 18th to the 20th century. I have just started to study some books about this topic and it so interesting.

I am a wholecloth hand quilter and I love to use the traditional patterns and quilt styles of this period. Some of my quilts are replications of quilts I only saw on black and white pictures in a book!


Andrea in Germany

As far as textiles in general, the fabrics and costuming of the early modern era (Henrician, Tudor England, etc.) inspires me.  But with several others, Welsh quilting.  Beautiful!! 


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