I was given 9 hand pieced quilt blocks by my cousin that she bought at a garage sale in MN.  I made 3 more blocks with the extra fabric with the blocks but am wondering how to date the fabric.  Even tho the blocks were purchased only a year(?) ago, the fabric looks like a period reproduction.  If I post a photo, could someone tell me what date this fabric looks like it belongs to?  Any help would be appreciated.  I'm going to hand quilt this and if I find the date of the fabric, I will look at popular hand quilting patterns of that time.  Thank you so much!


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Hello Judy,

What a lovely quilt - you are so lucky to have it. I can look up the blocks for you later but I would like to point you towards

www.treasuredquilts.co.uk - when you get on the sight, click on catalogue and scroll down to the recently sold items. About half way down you should find item 0757 - Old Garden Wall, I thought of this quilt when I saw yours - the colours are almost identical and is dated from the 1800's,  hope this helps.

It is a good site and I have purchased a number of pieces from the woman who runs it. Through my purchases I have discovered that many old quilts used the most amazingly bright colours. The first piece I bought from her was a quilt top in the 'round the world' design, it has an eye-popping orange in it. I will try and post a pic. of it later.

I hope this helps a little.

Bye for now,

Anna x


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