Since I am new to this group, I don't know if you have discussed batting before.  I wondered what you have found to be your favorite type of batting. I recently used the Bamboo batting and found it to be very nice to work with, however it was a lot more expensive. But I think I will use it again. I am currently using some older low loft fiberfill type batting, that i found at a garage sale. I don't think I will use that again. I like the warm and natural type, and the bamboo looks and feels a lot like that.  Anyone have any favorites? Anybody use any of the leftovers for projects?


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Well, Dorothy, l've never used anything but poly. l have a quilt l made in 1977 still in use regularly ( green Clay's Choice on my page) and never ever had bearding...even on Kitty quilt my grandd.uses and was her Mom's baby quilt first...hard use, reg. washing,had to replace 2 appliques ( coton fabric like tissue paper). Mind you, l've used polycotton blend on my sold colours, but no prob. either fabrics re bearding.

Janie, how did it work out? I usually get stuff online, did you try that. There my be something you're already familiar with that you can get online for cheaper, whenever they have a sale. a few month ago I bought some from Ann 


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