Since I am new to this group, I don't know if you have discussed batting before.  I wondered what you have found to be your favorite type of batting. I recently used the Bamboo batting and found it to be very nice to work with, however it was a lot more expensive. But I think I will use it again. I am currently using some older low loft fiberfill type batting, that i found at a garage sale. I don't think I will use that again. I like the warm and natural type, and the bamboo looks and feels a lot like that.  Anyone have any favorites? Anybody use any of the leftovers for projects?


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There's also silk batting available in some places( like the UK), very soft, and also used in high end bedspreads in Canada. Never tried bamboo. l use bonded poly batting, regular loft for hand quilting, and low loft for some of my machine quilts. Having used those so much and liking them, l've never been tempted to pay those sky high ( in Canada, 35 to 50$) for just one batt. ls the warm & natural ( or bamboo) worth it? What about it do you like ,ie; can you describe it's " hand" compared to poly?

Wow, maybe I can find silk online somewhere.  I have used just about everything, and I love the bamboo the best, it glides, is very firm and flat and looks great. I would love to try the silk.  The bamboo is about that price too,  40$  The best thing is finding a stash of batting at someone's garage sale for 1$ a batt!

If you like bamboo,go to a.c.moore,they carry it and you can get it for 1/2 price with a coupon.I too have tried it and like it,I recently made a quilt with wool and I like that a lot also.

Wool?  so does ac moore have that too?  thanks for the tip, Iwill check that out. Tell me about the wool, can you tell it is wool, how does it wash? is warmer than some others, probably is warmer than the polyfil.  Thanks!

i have used the poly bond that riana speaks of, the cotton and cotton blend warm and natural which is supposed to be similar in wt and "feel", once quilted , as antique quilts. i dissagree, it seems rather stiff and heavy. to me it is more like the antique quilts i have found that had layers of old cotton bed blankets. one of my my favorite quilting stars, sally collins of award winning miniature quilt fame, uses wool. she says, in one of her several books, that she switched because wool has a "memory" and that with other batts she tried, her quilting surface on her miniature quilts seemed muddled. so she tried wool, she likes the way it needles, and most of all, she like the way her tiny quilting motif was clearly visible, not jumbled, on the surface of the miniature quiit she tried it in. last i read, that is what she uses. since i agree, it is difficult to see the quilting motif on my mini's, and for me to see in many of the lage quilts i see without close inspection, i want to try wool for my next hand quilting project. have looked locally and it is not to online searching for a supplier.

Janie,I saw wool there about 3 weeks ago,went this week to buy but they were out.Maybe you could ask the manager when they get their supply,I do know they don't carry as much of this as the bamboo.I used the wool in my last quilt,I thought it would be kind of heavy but it wasn't,I washed it after it was quilted and liked the way it looked,kind of like antiquey.

Rogue,Amazon sells the wool.

I haven't used bamboo yet but enjoy low loft cotton batting.
I found an organic cotton batting. It was very soft. I think I'll wait for silk batting to come down in price. I also want to try wool sometime.
i want to use wool in my next hand quilted project. won't be soon. don't know whether pricey or not. but reading an article this past winter as i was going thru old issues of minature quilt magazines, looking for article by sally collins. she is one of my favorite quilt designers..miniature. her article basically explained why she had switched to wool batt. and she had wool and other quilted examples. she says that she prefers wool vecause it has a better "memory" than anything else she had tried. and fr her photo examples i could easily see why. project will be wool.

now all i have to do is deside on just one idea & start it!

Silk??  I will check that out, and wool too.  I have not used either of those. I usually go to Jo-Anns Fabrics to get mine, I will also look online.   Yard sales area  great place to get batting too, especially leftovers.

i have read in forums on the net that it is as nice to needle thru as bamboo and wool. but pricey.


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