Another question, I almost always use white thread, but on a quilt I did last year, I used a combo of some colored thread and white, with the color matching the thread. I was not really fond of the back side of the quilt as the backing was white. I thought I would like the way it looked but it seemed to be, I don't know, just not antique enough on my antique quilt.  Maybe if I did a backing in color sometime. But I have always used white backing.  What do you think about colored thread? thanks 

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On another post I just read someone said (regarding colored quilting on back) she does not look at the back of her quilts that often, just wants the front to look good.  I tried matching color thread on a fairly modern type quilt with brights on the front and dark back.  I did not like the first block or two (front) so took it out and went back to white - looked more like my grandmother's quilts and quilting. That said, I would still like to use color sometime, but don't know if I'm ready to get so modern!  Most of my last quilts have been lighter colored so white/off white was called for. 

Depending on what kind of quilt I am doing. I almost always use the off white but if it is a Christmas project I mostly use variegated thread and it makes it pop. I also love the look of metallic threads but they are difficult to work with as they fray so easy, I do use fray check on it after I thread the needle and it does help.

i do the same, judy. i love valdani thread. they have solids, overdyed & varigated - my favorite. tho i did use the overdyed on a quilt last uear, and i really loved the look. the backing was black ( :)) of course) and the quilting on the back was so pretty my husband said i should keep it and just make another for the person it was intended for. told him i could never do that. besides, i don't like doing the same thing twice.

I have never seen this thread, where do you purchase it? I have seen that Sulky has a new variegated cotton thread but none of the stores in my area carry it yet.

the one local local quilt shop here that carries thread has it in neutrals, which i seldom use. so i order it online. i can send you the links later, i have them bookmarked on my pc. am on ipad now w two kitties snuggled in w me as i read & drink tea. i don't know, but you could prob find it on ebay. i found a guy in new york state & a quilt shop in florida that i have ordered from, like & trust. i need to order some yellow or maybe pale varigated blue for my blue and yellow q.

valdani thread is made by a company in canada. egyption cotton. the varigations are long and irregular enough to make very pretty quilting. they make 50 & 30 wt. 500 & 1200 meter spools. colorfast. i love it.

I use colored threads a lot - but my quilts aren't the antique ones like you do. I usually have a white or light backing; but have used light blue, yellow, a pastel variegated, and black on the Amish one I did. You do either love the backing or not - my kids love to turn the quilts over and let the quilting on the back show.

my husband does that too sometimes. i have been slowly working on a king size for few years - yes :)) few years! the operative word was "slowly" - it is cabbage roses of creams and pale rose pinks on black background pieced with black, white and antique rose solids. i am using valdani strawberry cream & a dark multi ...coming out very pretty on the top...i am very happy w my color choices. but the back...i pieced in strips the roses and the black...the back is turning out beautiful! be another one that can go either way. we are lovin' it! :))
your comment reminds me of an amish style quilt i did years ago. same style as the one on my photo page. in the black areas..i quilted tulips with lavender thread surrounded by channel quilting in black thread. then lavender tulips in the four outer corners w more channel in black. the backing was black. the quilt was made to raffle as a fundraiser for a school. was very popular, we made a good sum on it and the lady who won it was thrilled. it was the first time that i had tried thread of contrasting color instead of complimentary color. loved it.
there is a very good article in the dec/jan 2013 issue of Quilters' Newsletter magazine titled "the common thread" with photo examples of surface of quilt, thread colors that look good, and reason for the choices they suggest, along with quilted examples. short and interesting. it should be still on newstands or you can order it from their site. i tried to find the article available online but it's not. here is the link to their page where you can order the issue if it isn't in your local quilt shop or other stores.

The common thread,,,   I like that.  I am a wedding officiant, and one of the lines I almost always use in my services is  it is threads that bind us together, hundreds of tiny threads, I always find that appropriate for me. ( I have a wedding tomorrow afternoon here in Cozumel!) Anyway I will  try to find that newsletter and check it out! thanks


i like the term too. years ago i was commisioned to make a quilt for a fiftieth anniversary by the honorees adult children. the design i came up with included stars for all the adult children, thier children and their grchildren. each family chose the colors for their stars. i didn't have eq yet, so my patterns were drawn to scale and colored in by hand. when i took the finalized design to show two fam members one wrote me later and questioned how i had seperated all the family members. i wrote her back and said a family is a blending. four children and their children and their spouses all blended together make the family. not one family in one corner, another in another corner and so on. i told her if she wanted i would do it her way, but i felt strongly about the honorary couple and their love and pride of each and every member of their large family. all the different talents, personalities all that goes into the blending, the cohesion, the common thread which creates the family unit. she, it turned out, was a high school psychiatrist, wrote back to say how much she preferred my way...said that she had learned something that she would use in her counseling. made me feel good. and they alllll loved the finished quilt.

I tried to access the article but it appears that you have to buy the current issue of the magazine.


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