I too am really glad to find a group of people who hand quilt. I quilt almost every day, and it is hilarious to me that most people don't get it  what I am doing.  I tell them I am hand quilting a vintage quilt top, that someone made over 50 years ago, and  then that blank look comes over their faces. They watch, then they say, so you made that quilt???  No, I say.........

Anyway, I hope to be able to share and learn from this group

I guess one of my first questions is what type of frame do you use? I have a Norwood, and I love it. I am searching for another ( used) or something similar. I see one by Grace that is square, do any of you use this and how do you like it ? The square shape seems like it might have its merits.

Do any of you only quilt vintage quilt tops?   thanks   janie.

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yes that is one and the other one is me at Las Lunas Inn, friend me on whichever one you find . What is your email address? sometimes it is easier with email address to find people  mine is  tejanajuana@gmail.com  or  drippingsprings@gmail.com

I tried your name and address, still nothing... facebook is so wierd.. same thing with a good friend of mine, never could find him...

A beautiful thought, and I agree. ❤️

I bought a small frame I like it's size the down side is I have to baste my quilts beforehand. It would be nice to have a frame that you can put your quilt on without basting. I've only done a few tops by hand and all mine are made within a 20 year petiod.

Since I do pin-basting - it isn't so bad. That was actually one reason I purchased the large floor frame 20 years ago - with the 3 rails there was no basting of any kind. 

I only use pins also, never have basted.  When I lay out my quilt on the dining room table, I let them hang for a few hours to settle in,  pin from the center out, and it works great. Also the pins serve as a marker to how much more you have to do!

That's how I do it, too, and like you I use them as a marker to say how much is left to do.

i baste all of mine by hand. it was how i learned. then the pin thing came along and i did that for awhile. but i am back to thread basting now. i buy spools at yard sales & thrift shops. so not "wasting" my good thread. sometimes life just so seriously gets in the way & there are long periods where i have no time available to sit and do handwork. i have occassionally lived in damp enviornments over the years ...so i thread baste. thread doesn't rust when i need to set my work aside for long periods of time.

hey, rogue - haven't caught any of your posts recently - good to hear from you. Yes, if we didn't live in NM where it is so, so dry - I'd do the thread basting, too. 

:)). been down since christmas w a very nasty difficult to get rid of flu type thing. been on and off a bit...mostly just lurking. reading posts and looking at quilts. we live in a shrubb-stepp semi desert enviornment, i would probably be ok with pins here...but it's a habit now. i have an antique quilt frame that is used w c-clamps and rests on the backs of dining chairs. so i set that up, stretch and pin the backing to it. lay out the batt and let it relax for few days...smooth it out and center the top. when done basting, i roll the edges and whip stitch them so the batt doesn't get ragged or caught on things while i am hand or machine quilting. for christmas i made two flannel d9p quilts w novelty fleece backings. it's similar to minky...but cheaper and i got it for half off, so the really neat soft fuzzy back the girls love was cheaper than the flannel for the tops ! lol but, i spray basted them to machine quilt. wow...what a difference. i really don't like using flannel at all for quilts. i don't like it's stretchy difficult to control. but...these girls are 3 & 5 and soft and fuzzy it needs to be. but i will use spray basting for all their flannel quilts in future. really easy and really held well. no odor. i am sold on spray basting now...for some things...

Sorry you've had the crud - I hear it is hard to shake. Sounds like the flannel/fuzzy quilts were a handful - but loved, I'm sure. I only made one with a Minkee backing for my sweet special needs granddaughter - treated all the others to handmade sweaters and caps. Still hope to get pictures up soon. Get well!!

yeah...i have so many pics i need to post. the girls loved the quilts. was a joy to spend a week with them and watch the very imaginative playtime uses the quilts were involved in. i had really wanted to do minky. had heard so much about it. so went and looked at and about died at the prices..so didn't buy till quilt tops done and i would know how much i needed. but i loved the fabric and textures colors ....can see why people so love minky. sigh! but the price!! so, then the sale on novelty fleece ...SCORE!! ..at 7$ a yard ...i was a very happy gramma. i love my girls and my son and ddil...but i am not a believer in spending lots of money on gifts. besides. i don't have lots of money lollol

I'm glad the girls loved them. I found my Minkee on sale at JoAnn's in the bargain bin. Fortunately, I just needed enough for one twin sized quilt. You mention you have had spinal disease - I'm so sorry. Having dealt with fibromyalgia for 40 years or so - I know how hard it is sometimes to deal with pain issues. However, like you, I find the time and find a way to sit and quilt!! I'm glad God led me to this craft/art! It's been a blessing during the times when I couldn't do anything else.


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