As many of you know, we experienced a flooded basement this spring. This necessitates a change in the drainage so it doesn't happen while we're at it, we're taking apart the front walk, and redoing it. Some of you asked for progressive pictures. This part isn't so pretty...the tear down.           To save big $ for tear up, we decided to do that ourselves. I'm cleaning the bricks & stacking them in back yard. We'll use these later in the season (when we're rested up) to rejuvenate the area around "my tired gazebo".New walkway will be wider & feature a small retaining wall to keep garden from creeping into new bricks.                                                           The old retaining wall to the right of front door was leaning , so it didn't take a lot to topple it. This one won't be replaced...we're planning shrubs. Roses are presently under the window , but they've naturalized, and now that the evergreens have grown, they no longer get enough sun.

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were the bricks just set on sand or mortored in. and you're cleaning them to use later when you've "rested up"!?! hmmm ...i have cleaned morter off bricks to use in small patios around deck at last house and built a brick terrace behind my house here, where we sit and look out over river w morning coffee or evening quiet time. it was no easy task to clean those bricks either time. kudos to the both of you! lots a hard work you doin' there.

Riana, thank you for sharing the pics of the work in progress.  Looks like quite a big job.  You have been talking about your gazebo for a while and what to do.  Looking forward to seeing what you do.

The retaining wall was mortared, but thankfully the walkway was paved on sand. 

looks like, from what little i can see there w the wheel barrow, that those bricks were set perfectly! the portion still to be removed, at time of photo, looks nice and level still. hope you are nearing the end here. when will the new sump drain line installation be completed?
are you still planning on having landscaping done by others? prob a good idea, you can sit in the nice cool dining room & sew, while the landscapers work out in the humidity and swarms of black flys :))

The drain is now being routed well away from the house...hopefully no more lake on the lawn next spring!

The chjpped stone is down for the new walkway , and has since been packed/levelled

what will the new walkway be made of?

Concrete brick pavers again, Rogue, but no railway ties...instead, a short retaining wall to hold back the ajacent garden soil on house side , since it's higher.We liked the style of the old one, suits the house.

Here, before the garden was taken out, you can see why the walkway needed replacement instead of repair...the railway ties on either side that "contained" the bricks were all rotted after 26 yr. in the ground, and the same style wiggly brick no longer available. The rectangular step to stoop will be changed to a semicircular one...just for aesthetics.

Looks like you are making progress.  Going to be beautiful.

Looks like quite a project.  Lots of hard work.  The end result will be well worth it.

The destruction continues...They brought in a smallish track vehicle, and were able to save my big lilac and the raised veggie garden (turned nursery as temp. saving place for certain plants, left side...right side is planted w/tomatoes.)It looks like the side is now being added to the dig...sigh.

Oops, the boom truck caught a couple of branches of the Linden tree....but, as you can see, the retaining wall has been started!


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