My 221 is threaded correctly, new needle correctly inserted, bobbin correct,etc,etc. She sews OK but when the seam is finished, presser foot lifted , takeup lever in highest position when I try to remove the fabric the thread will not spool away. It goes about 3 inches and then the thread breaks. The bobbin thread breaks shorter than the upper thread but both are so short that the upper thread must be rethreaded through the needle before again being able to stitch. There are no thread nests or extra thread caught up underneath.

The machine was just serviced and cleaned but it is still catching. Any ideas what could be wrong? Any hints or solutions gratefully received.

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featherweights, tho delightfull & wonderfully engineered, can sometimes develope little quirks. try turning the wheel to make sure stitch hook & threads are disengaged. this is what mine likes :))

...and welcome to mqp & the featherweight group! what year is yours?

Tried turning the flywheel each time but it still catches and breaks. I was wondering if the bobbin case might be the problem? haven't checked it to see if it is the original Simanco. This is a new to me centennial and I am just trying it out. Cost was $350 and am wondering if it will be worth it. 

I have another perfect Centennial which I love with many ,many attachments. have had it for a few years. Also have 3 others I picked up at yard sales and auction. They all are in good working condition . Also gave my daughter-in-law a little beauty Centennial.

you mean one of the modern centennial that singer came out w a few years ago? i've read that they can be a bit sketchy. i only have one fw, was my grandmothers'. made '52 i think. been in almost continuous use since she bought it. i inherited it from her estate. on your bobbin the hook in the slot? when you pull the bobbin case, there's a little tab on top. that needs to fit into slot when replaced. it may sew if it's not in place correctly, but you can experience difficulties similar to what you describe. check that. if new centennial fr most recent release by singer ..i would take it to repair guy ..or just pass on it. it may be defective. 350$ sounds ok price tho ..but not if it's flawed.

no,not one of the reproductions. It is in otherwise near perfect condition. It actually sews well, a lovely seam, no tension problems.It just happens when finishing stitching and trying to remove the fabric that the thread will not "spool" away easily without breaking. It is almost as if it were caught. I don't have it here with me but I am pretty sure that the hook is in the correct position. Will check when I have a chance and let you know. Thanks for the suggestions. Appreciate any advice :-).

there are several excellent sites for fw online. nova montgomery one of them. i'll look thru my notes & paste some links here for you.


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