Hi. I'm new to this site and just trying to figure out how to add to or make new posts. Love my little 221 but the case is horrible so I decided to recover it. Well, having a bit of a problem getting off the hinges etc. without destroying the wood. The handle seems sewn in place too, so don't want to remove it either.  Has anyone done this and can give any pointers? Aside from that, I just finished my first "featherweight" quilt and love how it sews! Will try to post a pict. after getting the backing on. Now to get to reading all these great posts! So glad I found this site.

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There is also a site on Facebook for Featherweight owners.  You have to request to join

.https://www.facebook.com/groups/SingerFWGroup/  They have wonderful files and lots of comments as well.

hi. saw your comment in main discussion a few days ago. no easy answer to your question. seeing your second attempt at question here in new discussion you've started, i thought i would at least say hi & welcome to MQP & the fw group. i will post links to helpful sites as i find them. most of us have used help from internet sites that focus on fw care & maintenance. there are many many fw sites. david mc callum has been one of the most reliable info source for me ...his link

read carefully. take particular note of image of pin & old oil reidue after being stuck into a oil hole. scroll down & note all the photos indicating where to oil.

cleaning old sewing machines beore you use them is far more important than musty nasty looking case. in the long run you'll have many more years of enjoyment from your fw when it is clean before & while using. i have had my machine for 40 years, it was my grandmothers before it was mine. well used by her & well used by me. a comment made in my quilt group few months ago re: collecting fw "you can tell how often a fw has been used by the decals. if they are all there then the machine was never used much." so i invited the "knowledgeable" member over to view the bed of & decals of my fw. and told her it's story. lesson learned --hopefully :))

CASES - fw cases are legendary for musty smells, rough exterior. like old, well used suitcases, they get beat up. i saw a thread on another forum a year or or so ago re: renovating a fw case. she just covered w fabric. she didn't remove the hardware. the cases were well made & if you are having trouble removing hardware then you probably should not remove. if you are removing clasps & hinges in order to over case & then replace the hardware you may, w the added thickness of the glue & fabric, as miniscual as it is, find that the replaced hardware no longer functions accurately.

before destroying the wood on your case, i would do extensive inet search for info re: what you are attempting. it can & has been done, but in all my years of inet searches i have only seen one reference & one image page somewhere of a few renovated cases.

i'll continue to look & will share anything i find w you here. welcome to the fascinating world of singer featherweight ownership!

love a good inet search!! :))
well i certainly had fun this morning. saw images of some really really bad looking cases!! makes mine look mint condition for it's age & heavy useage over the about 65 years of it's life!

if you are a member of facebook ..that link will be fun read. there's probably similar group on yahoo groups. looking for articles/images on repairing or refurbishing damaged case i am not finding much. here are some links ..some from my bookmarks list, some found this morning. the youtube link is great & also interesting about the difficulty of hardware removal. other sites talk about the use of rivets in some cases that cannot be reused due to damage incured while removing. basically, tho i didn't find anything on refurbishing w fabric, i found a few that discuss issues w repairs of cases. there are several sites that sell new or used cases. there are two styles of cases. if yours is the older taller w tray, that may be more difficult to find a replacement for. happy reading here .... and good luck.

short but excellent tute on machine case repair etc ...

nova montgomery is a favorite help & info site for many fw owners.

fun informative blog by a fw lover ...what she says holds true w what i have learned over the years ...

another of my fav sites ...this is their "approved" links page. ISMACS is a must for vintage machine info & needs ...

i looked in the forum where the fabric covered case was shown, but couldn't find it. she really didn't give a lot of how to info, just pics of her favric covered case.

Thanks for answering and I will check the sites listed. I felt bad about the first post as it was in the middle of one...I apologize...wasn't sure how to start a new one at that time. I've seen the new cases and had thought of one but I really wanted to keep the original. I'm pretty patient. I waited years before seeing a drawer front for the missing one on my treadle machine. It sounds like the covering the case would be like covering an old guitar one. I've check many of Nova's tips of the month. Will check out the youtube. Thanks again.

both of your posts were appropriate. no need for apologies. i have a link to a discussion i wrote at the request of a new member few years ago. i'll post the link here. than you'll be all linked up for a while :))


..yesterday i needed to spend some quiet time while i recuperated from too much heavy yard work out in too hot sunshine. and others here on MQP will tell you how much fun & how much time i spend, doing internet searches. more fun, more serendipitous finds than reading dictionaries! do check out the you tube vid ..turn volume hi the guys voice is pretty low & soft. the video is short but so well organized, i think it's probably the most useful info i found. and of course, you have me curious, so next down time to play, i'll be looking for more info. and i too am a patient one. i search for uears for a part, a pattern, a book ...i have so many lists of things i'm lookin' for. heck, my lists have lists!! :)) have a great day ..i'm off to yak & giggle & maybe even sew a little...

Like yours, my 1948 case smelled so musty.  Don't laugh, but I sprayed the inside heavily with Fabreeze, set it out in the sun and then saved up all those little packets that come in products and put them in the case.  So far so good.  It seems those little packets suck up any moisture.  Just my two cents!  BTW mine is a 1948 FW 221 and I love it.  Belong to a FW group here in Sun City Anthem (Henderson NV).  We have so much fun making small projects, and I have made 2 quilts so far on the machine.  I take it with me when traveling as it is so light and easy to carry.


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