IM A newbie and have been asked to make 3 king size quilts! i would like to use jelly rolls probably fence rail or something with a star! I have a now the sizwproblem! I dont know how many jelly rolls I will need! I Do kow the size 100x92 inches that will give a 12 inch drop on the sides and the bottom. Th!is gentleman doesnt really care about the pattern!  He wants the batting thick,,,I have no idea what to charge and how many jelly rolls I need, He wants it in blue colors! Please help!!!!!!



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Depends on the pattern even for a simple rail fence there are so many choices.  You may want to do a price comparison King size quilts require a lot of fabric so I would compare price of jelly rolls to cost/metre just to see if you can save a little?  but try this free quilt design software: it can help you draw out your idea then I think it should calculate fabric needed.  there is this site as well:

As far as selling your TIME, fabric and all that I don't know, maybe someone else who sees this can respond with advice.

Boy making quilts and charging can be so confusing and frustrating.  I have only done this once and really didn't get paid what I should have but worked with the customer's budget. Would I do that again. NO!.  Your time is valuable.  You can charge the hour: $8 per hour for a simple quilt and the harder the quilt pattern the more per hour to charge.

  You can take the cost of the material and double it for piecing the quilt or you can charge by the square foot for the shopping for fabric and piecing; $12 per square foot for a simple quilt and up from there for a harder pattern.

Your quilting should be charged just as if the customer brought you a quilt top to quilt and then, of course, the cost of the batting.

Whatever you do, enjoy the journey and keep us up to date with pictures of your quilts.

So how is the progress on this project ?  Pix ? 

What did you select for batting ?  Thick isn't always better, and a machine quilter cannot quilt it ...

And what about quilting ????

Let us know how you are doing ...



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