I just joined MQP a few moments ago & then went to Favorite Tools & was captivated by the previous discussions re: wall color, lighting etc. for a new sewing/quilting space. I live 30 + miles off the grid & my husband built me a 'shed' 10 x 18' for
laundry, office, ironing, sewing/quilting, cutting table etc. I have sketched & re-sketched my layout numerous times so I can be very organized & get everything in
that I need. Tom also added a 10' x 4' loft to the back for 'storage' & items I use but not every day. Two windows were also added, one at the back 2'x3' tall & one in the front corner where my machine will go to give me natural daylight. My sewing cabinet will be placed across one of the double doors so in the summer time I can open both doors & see the mountains hundreds of miles away & enjoy the fresh air & view as I work.  Tom also installed all my many outlets (he does not believe in extension cords) at a height above my work surfaces, so I don't have to get on my knees to plug in or unplug anything.  I have also decided to paint the ceiling an off white matte color (no glare) & the walls a very pale blue/green, very pale & I have several floor lamps as well as table top ones to provide direct light but all have been outfitted with the newest bulbs as we have NO UTILITIES here & live off SOLAR only. So on really cloudy days, I need to do things that don't require the machine or the use of electricity.  My planning I hope will pay off with a really nice place to work & create for now.  Our house will come after Tom's shop is built, and way down the road I will move into a "Big Barn with 2 lofts, one at each end; it is 12' wide x 32 feet long & will have it's own solar for my machines, iron, radio, tv , heater etc. + all my stash & equipment will be in ONE place. At the moment this barn is storing all our furniture & household items, so you can see the house has to come first. All this is coming late in life, as I just turned 74 & we do all the work ourselves, Tom put in the Solar by himself, had the well dug for water & we installed our own water pump, the sewer system is 85% completed & we currently live in a 5th wheel, so a lot has been accomplished in the relatively short time we have been here in New Mexico.  If anyone has any suggestions or comments, I would enjoy hearing from you.

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Wow, makes me tired, just reading all of this, lots of work. I didn't realize all the electricity could be run on solar energy.  Wow, interesting, sounds like you are in for quite a lovely sewing room, you will have to post some pictures, of it and the mountains. Good luck to you.

Wow, I would love that much space.  My sewing room is an old upstairs bedroom.  Our house was built in 1927.  We purchased it in 2005.  The upstairs had walls and electricity added in 1982(it was previously just attic space with windows at each end) but the floors were never completed they just threw used carpets over the plywood floors they put in.  We threw out the used carpet had Berber installed in our bedroom 15 x 14 and then added engineered wood to the landing and in my room which is a 10 x 12 foot room.  All so that these two rooms would be inhabitable as we work on the rest of the house.  It was livable but needs some cosmetic changes.  We have since redone the kitchen.  Our plan is to eventually build a shop/barn for him.  This will freeup one of the carports which is 18 x 25.  We will enclose it completely, it currently has two walls and add a cement floors.  We will put in tile over the concrete with under floor heating.  Then he will also run me electrical outlets.  We do all of our work ourselves so I know what you mean about how long it takes to do.  

Can I come live with you?  Being "off the grid" sounds SO inviting right now!

Wish you could have heard the discussion on "Fabric:  A to Z" today at the AQS Show in Grand Rapids, MI.  The one thing I am thinking of was her suggestions to use wire frames and baskets like this from IKEA (she didn't say from IKEA, but I am using this link as an example) for your "stash".  She organizes it by color and has built on to the system as she collected fabrics.  She also keeps them in a closet with doors, so light doesn't fade the fabrics. 

Your plans sound wonderful, and having such a great project is obviously keeping you both young!  Please post pictures when you can!

My sewing room is right off ofour upstairs landing so my dh will be out there either studying at the desk for his sunday school class that he teaches or playing games on the computer.  So we are still together even though there is a wall between us we can still talk throught the open door


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